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How to make a tasty and healthy Vegetable Soup

Prity Barman
Prity Barman
Vegetable Soup

Sipping hot soups and stews will keep you and your family warm and cozy in this cold winter. Not only does soup take the sting out of a frosty night, it's also a fuss-free way to easily get dinner on the table.  

It is true that a diet can be ruined by certain soups (cream basedvariants may be especially high in fats and calories), most act as a fantastic vehicle to fulfill the daily vegetable requirement.  

However, soups are simple and fast to cook. A large amount of hands-on time is not needed for soups and stews. In fact, people can make a savory soup in five minutes straight if we use a slow cooker or a pressure cooker like the Instant Pot, and let the cooker do the remainder of the job.  

There are other benefits of having soup too such as: It isn't unusual to drink less water than people need during the winter chill. Since soups are all liquid, they are a perfect way to stay full and hydrated. 

Soups can help people stay off the cold and flu, and for times when we are sick, they're a great antidote! Most soups are loaded with nutrients that fight diseases. In reality, studies indicate that, in particular, chicken soup will help prevent the common cold, especially if people load it with fresh garlic, onions, celery and carrots. (All of them contain potent chemicals that improve immunity.) 

A bonus: the hot liquid of a soup helps soothe a sore throat. 

Similarly, one of the importance of having soup is we can easily replace our teas and coffees with soup. We all know that we all specially the Indians are obsessed with our morning and evening teas and coffees. This particular habit of ours is really unhealthy and requires some changes. 

It is true that not all soups recipes can help us as not all soup recipes are healthy as mentioned earlier. Therefore, here is a vegetable soup that is simple, tasty and nutritious that we can have instead of tea. 

Vegetable soup recipe

Ingredients required:

100 gms of Tomatoes

100 grams of Beetroot 

100 grams of Carrot 

100 grams of Ash Gourd 

100 grams of Beans  

100 grams of Spinach 

Curry Leaves: 4 frigs 

Onions: 2 medium sizes 

Juice of Lime: 1 lime (large lime) 


Chop all the vegetables in a rough manner. Heat and add the vegetables to a pan. Pour 2 liters of water in. Bring it to a boil, minimize it to a quarter (500 ml)  (500 ml). Strain to squeeze the liquid out of the vegetables. Serve hot and add lime juice. Alternatively, it is possible to add half a cup of coconut milk instead of lime juice. 

A vegetable soup will supplement two meals a day for five to seven days without any harmful side effects for those seeking a more intense regimen. While much of the weight loss is going to be fluid, a flatter stomach and a kilo or two less on the scales are often all we need to feel leaner and healthier. 

The best choice, naturally, is homemade soups. One can regulate the amount and quantities of vegetables we use to produce the soup and opt to use salt-reduced stocks and a few other additives in this way. Pre-made soups and packet soup mixes appear to be particularly rich in sodium (salt) with a huge 800-1200mg of sodium, or a third to half of the overall daily sodium limit.  Owing to their foundation being potato starch, premade soups often appear to be comparatively low in protein and high in carbohydrates. We should always look for varieties that contain <20g of total carbohydrates per serving and <800mg of sodium if we have to look for a pre-made soup choice. 

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