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How to Take Care of Diabetes during Lockdown?

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher

People who are suffering from diabetes must be extra careful of their diet and routine in this lockdown. We are well aware that covid-19 lockdown has forced us to stay at home and reduced physical activity. Thus, diabetics are at high risk of a blood sugar spike or drop too low. Few of the best solutions to this are to eat healthy on right time, take proper sleep, & yes exercise. With this diabetes can be controlled.

Check out 5 simple exercises for diabetics:


Doing yoga not only helps to calm the mind but also improve diabetes management. No doubt, that yoga is the best exercise for everyone. It must be included in daily routine during the lockdown, as it will keep your mental health balanced. You can do Yoga anywhere i.e. in your balcony, terrace, or living room, or wherever you get a small place. You don’t require any equipment for it.

Dancing Exercise

Well, dance is a great exercise and workout. Diabetics can go for a free-style dance that helps them move their whole body. So, create your playlist and start working out. Go for dance workout in the morning, or evening.

Stairs climbing

You only have to climb stairs quickly, at a good pace. However, you can climb up and down on a single step if you do not have a full staircase.

Ab Bike

Do ab bike exercise. For it, you have to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then, fold your hands at the elbow, and place them on the back of your head. Lift one leg, bent at the knee, and bend sidewards, from the opposite side to try to touch your knee with the elbow. You can repeat it with the other leg, and keep doing the exercise for 1 minute.

Strength training exercise

These exercises include lifting weights, push-ups, pull-ups, etc. They help to build strength. You can also lift small weights if you have them at home.

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