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Organic Soul - Nurturing Earth, Nourishing You

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

The development and dissemination of new technology is an important factor to determining the future of agriculture. India has recovered from hunger problem after the implementing mission of Green Revolution. The food security, nutritionally security, maintenance of soil health, enhancement of soil productivity and living with good heritage will be the focus of future generations.  

Pure organic production refers to organically grown crops which are not exposed to any chemical right from the stage of seed treatment to the final post-harvest handling and processing. While Organic farming is the holistic productive system which is globally accepted movement with respect to sustainable agricultural production, health safety, eco-friendly, socio-viable with minimum input purchase rather preparing at the farm itself, getting better return without disturbing nature and human too. 

Organic Soul wholeheartedly supports corporate social responsibility and a commitment to the environment. Organic Soul supports the TBL or Triple Bottom Line (people, planet, profit), which dictates a range of “values and criteria” for establishing and measuring successful practices and projects. It recognizes that private business is of vital importance to our way of life and in many ways facilitates personal innovation and liberty; however, taking the social structure and environment into consideration should always trump the profit margin. 

The company says, “At the heart of our beings is our soul; we must cherish, nurture, and always develop it in the purest and most conscientious ways. Embrace the world around you. Embrace your Organic Soul”. 

Established in the year 2000, Vigar Enterprises Ltd. is amongst the leading Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Trader of Indian Organic Spices, Organic Flour, Organic Pulses and much more. These products are extremely admired for their rich taste, longer shelf life, and purity. These products are prepared under the vigorous leadership of competent experts using the best grade input and advanced technology. We offer these products at nominal costs. 

The company works under the guidance of their mentor Ms. Garima Jain, the CEO of Vigar Enterprises Ltd., And it is under her guidance that the company has attained this prominent position in the industry. 

Krishi Jagran met Ms. Jain, who narrated the importance of organic products. The interested may see our YouTube video - Jaisa Khao Anna, Vaisa ho Manna. 

The science of Daily Living is the Ayurveda. The strength of Ayurveda lies in its all-encompassing approach to the dynamic inter-relationship between our physiology, diurnal rhythm, emotions and external factors like diet, lifestyle and Nature`s cycles. According to Ayurvedic texts, most ailments can be handled without a physician.  

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