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Overeating: Follow These 5 Easy Ayurvedic Methods to Stop Overeating Permanently

Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma

Food is the main source of energy and an incredible gift for human body. Ayurveda considers food as the first form of medicine. The main problem with food in this modern time is overeating. It has become a part of our modern culture.  

We tend to eat way beyond our capacity on social events, weddings and holidays. The process of digestion takes significant energy from our bodies to extract vitamins and nutrients from the food we eat. When we overeat, our digestive system simply cannot process everything, and the excess food converts into toxins. These toxins give birth to various diseases in our body. The food which Ayurveda considers as medicine, we convert it into diseases by excessive eating. 

We all have tried various methods to stop or control overeating but have failed despite our multiple attempts. It’s time to turn towards Ayurveda, as it provides easy methods to train ourselves to eat and live healthy. Below are 5 simple methods that will help you to stop overeating once and for all. 

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1.Portion Size: Ayurveda suggests that we should eat 1 Anjali of food in 1 meal. It means portion size equal to your 2 palms joined together in front of you. This should always be your ideal size of serving. Ayurveda says that we should eat until 75% of our stomach is full. Rest 25% should be left empty.

2.Eat Something Sweet After Every Meal:  Ayurveda divided taste into 6 categories, namely Sweet, sour, bitter, salty, pungent and astringent. It’s in Indian tradition to serve small quantities of food served in thali that have all these tastes. After eating a meal, we all crave for something sweet, have some Jaggery (Gur) and see the magic. You will feel much more satiated afterwards. This is because our bodies feel full if we have all the 6 tastes in a meal. 

3.Eat Slow: This is not some fake advice to lose weight, it has scientific reasons to support it. We can chew only for 15-20 minutes, after that our brain sends signals to our body to stop eating as hunger is now satisfied. It is uptous that how much food we want to eat in that 15-20 minutes. You can eat really fast and have 4 rotis or you can chew slow and have 2 rotis. Believe me you will feel full even if you have 2 rotis, if you eat slowly for 15-20 minutes.  

4.Eat Alone: It means having your meals without your phone, laptop or television. We tend to eat more when we are distracted. Ayurveda says that we should always eat our food with our complete attention to it. As a practice, try to eat at least one meal in a day without your gadgets or without doing anything else. Just concentrate completely on your food. 

5.One Serving Only: Do this simple thing and see the effects. Just take one serving and don’t refill your plate. When we eat slowly with our complete attention to the food, one serving is more than enough for us. We tend to take multiple servings when we are rapidly just gulping food. You can add things like buttermilk after lunch and milk after dinner. This helps in controlling your from overeating. When you know that you have something to fall onto after your food, you tend to eat in controlled manner. 

Follow these simple and easy Ayurvedic methods and try to make them habits while eating your daily meals. One these become your habits, you will never go to overeating again. 

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