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The Hidden Benefits of Pomegranate and its Nutrition Facts

Pomegranate is one of the most underrated fruit in the world. It has a lot of health benefits too. This fruit is also known as 'Fruit of God'.

Aayush Chowdhury
Pic Credit: CC0 Public Domain
Pic Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Pomegranate is an underrated fruit since ancient times. But breaking through that hard skin to get to the juicy, ruby-red seeds (known as arils) is worth the effort because many health hacks lie within. Those tart arils can help keep your body healthy and disease free. Additionally, they may be just what you need to add a punch of flavor to everything from your salad to your seltzer.  

Pomegranates explode with fiber, vitamins, nutrients, flavonoid, phytochemicals and last but not the least minerals. 

In recent days, pomegranate juice ( popularly used in Armenian, Persian, and Indian cuisine long before we discovered it) has been promoted as a health, skin, and hair elixir and body temperature. The peel contains a huge number of antioxidants released in abundance when the fruit is squeezed. 

The Nutrition Facts of Pomegranate:  

Pomegranate arils are packed with nutrients and antioxidants, substances that can help to resist or delay damage within the cells. In fact, pomegranate juice has three to four times as many antioxidants as other antioxidant-rich beverages, such as green tea and red wine and many more.

The pomegranate arils have plenty of other nutrients, too, and are a great addition to your daily recommended serving of fruit, according to the Agriculture guidelines. A ½ cup serving offers:  

  • 72 calories

  • 27 grams carbohydrates

  • 90 grams sugar

  • 5 grams fiber (14 percent daily value)

  • 200 milligrams potassium (about 5 percent)

  • miligrams vitamin C (about 10 percent daily value for men, 12 percent daily value for women) 

  • 3 micrograms  vitamin K (about 18 percent  daily value) 

  • 33 micrograms folate (about 8 percent daily value)


What Are The Health Benefits of Pomegranates? 

Pomegranate consumption is prescribed to lower blood pressure and the incidence of heart disease as well as decrease the risk of breast cancer, slow down the extremeness of Alzheimer’s disease, and regress osteoarthritis.

Ayurvedic applications use the bark of the pomegranate tree and the fruit’s rind to combat diarrhea, dysentery, and other intestinal parasites caused diseases.

The seeds and juice are advised to prevent gum and nose bleeding, skin tone repair and can even treat hemorrhoids in human body.

Overall the fruit in its various forms is said to increase memory and slow down the aging process. So, this fruit has a lot of use in our day to day life – this makes Pomegranatean expensive one in the market.                            

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