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Top 4 Healthiest Winter Greens to Lose Weight This Season

There are various cold-season green vegetables that, if consumed in sufficient amounts, can compensate for weight gain during winter months. And if you're already on a diet, these low-calorie veggies will help you stay going and reduce those extra pounds even in the cold.

Ayushi Raina
Top 4 Healthiest Winter Veggies to lose Weight This Winter Season
Top 4 Healthiest Winter Veggies to lose Weight This Winter Season

Many individuals believe that once winter arrives, weight reduction would come to a standstill. It's that time of year when one craves for warm variety of dishes ranging from oils to red meats and sometimes even alcohol.

However, these are all high-calorie meals that, if consumed in excess, will result in you gaining winter weight by the end of the season. As a result, many people are unable to fit into their summer swimsuits by the time the temperatures start to rise.

Not to worry, there are several healthy green vegetables of the winter season that, if consumed in sufficient amounts, may compensate for weight gain during the cooler months. And if you are already on a weight loss spree, these low-calorie vegetables can help you keep going and lose those extra pounds even during winters.

Keep reading to know about the top 4 healthiest winter greens you need to lose weight:

Radish leaves:  Radish often known as ‘mooli’ finds a place in salads and inside paranthas. However, when enjoying the crunchy and tasty vegetables, one rarely considers radish leaves and how they might be utilized in recipes. It turns out that these low-calorie leaves are high in fiber and can help boost metabolism level as well. Radish leaves contain only 16 calories per 100 gm. They have a pungent flavor, similar to mustard leaves.

When mixed with another starchy vegetable, such as potatoes, radish leaves can be enjoyed as a tasty, healthy, and low-calorie vegetable curry.

Spinach: Whether it's palak paneer, palak parantha, palak puri, palak kachori, or palak patta chaat– one simply can’t run out of ways to prepare this popular Popeye green.  Furthermore, it is one of the healthiest green vegetables available, with numerous health benefits. To begin, spinach is high in fiber, iron, calcium, folate, magnesium, and potassium. When these nutrients are combined, they boost metabolism for weight reduction, promote satiety, and even help to improve haemoglobin levels. In terms of calories, a 100-gram serving gives you only 23 calories thereby making it the ideal weight-loss meal.

Methi: Methi, also known as fenugreek leaves, has a bitter taste yet remains one of the most popular vegetables in North India throughout the winter season. During the winter weather of the year, methi is frequently cooked with potatoes into a vegetable curry or relished as methi parantha. On the nutritional front, they are high in beta carotene and ascorbic acid, which are associated to a decreased risk of diabetes, hypertension, and improved weight reduction outcomes when combined with antioxidants.

Mustard leaves (Sarson ka Saag): The winter season in North India is not complete without a serving of sarson ka saag. When cooked with green chilies, ginger, garlic, and onions, the pungent-flavored leaves become a wonderful condiment that may help you achieve your weight reduction goals like a pro. Mustard leaves provide fiber, calcium, and vitamin C in a 100-gram meal for just 27 calories.

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