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Vastu Tips: Mistakes To Avoid When Growing a Money Plant in Your Home

Keeping a money plant is said to aid in gaining success and riches. Let's look at the factors that should be considered while growing a money plant.

Shruti Kandwal

According to vastu, few factors should be considered before growing the money plant otherwise it may result in financial losses. Let us examine these elements.

People typically grow money plants at home or at work. The plants are not only attractive but also simple to maintain. This plant requires little attention. It will fit inside any bottle or flower container. Plantation, according to vastu, aids in the maintenance of prosperity in your house. Many people start plantations in order to get out of debt. Keeping a money plant is said to aid in gaining success and riches. Let's look at the factors that should be considered while growing a money plant.

Don’t plant in this direction

Plant money plants in the proper direction at all times. Never plant it in the direction of the north-east. Planting the money plant in this direction is thought to result in financial losses. Aside from that, the home is becoming increasingly negative. Money plants should be kept facing south-east at all times. Lord Ganesha is the God who represents well-being and prosperity in this direction (Mangal). Planting in this way will bring you blessings.

The ground should not come into contact with the money plant

Money plant develops quickly. As a result, make sure the plant's vines don't contact the ground.

Its branches should be supported by a rope as it grows upward. The growing vines, according to vastu, are a sign of prosperity and growth. Money plants are said to be a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi, which is why they should not be permitted to touch the ground.

Do not let the money plant to dry out:

A dried money plant, according to vastu, is a sign of doom. It has an impact on your home's financial situation. To avoid this, keep watering the money plant on a regular basis. Cut and remove the leaves if they begin to dry out.

Keep the money plant inside the house only

Keep the money plant indoors at all times. Because this plant does not require much sunlight, it should be kept inside. Planting the money plant outside the house is considered unlucky by vastu. It dries quickly outside in the sun and does not grow. Plant growth that is stunted is unlucky. It becomes a source of financial hardship.

Don’t give money plants to others

Money plants should never be handed to others, according to vastu. It's known to enrage the planet, Venus. Venus is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. By doing so, the gifts are taken away.

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