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Which one is better? Normal Cooked Oats or Overnight soaked Oats; Read to find out!

Overnight oats are a popular breakfast item, and their health benefits are manifold. But which one is better: overnight oats or regular oats? Overnight soaked oats may offer more nutritional benefits than regular oats. Also heating normal oats also causes loss in nutrition.

Chintu Das

Overnight soaked oats have become a developing breakfast pattern all over the world. Be it food experts or bloggers, everybody depends on their modest bowl of overnight soaked oats. This formula has become a broadly mainstream dish for breakfast because of numerous reasons. The medical advantages overnight soaked oats can't be accentuated enough. Further, the overnight oats can be tweaked with natural products such as fruits, jams etc. Waking up to a ready to eat breakfast is unquestionably a special reward. So the question follows, does overnight soaked oats is better than ordinary, cooked oats? The answer is YES!!

One clear distinction emerges in the sort or type of oats that are utilized in both of the formats. A normal cooked bowl of oats for the most part utilizes processed instant oats, however for the overnight recipe, natural rolled oats are utilized. The general guideline to follow for oats is: more processed equals the less nutrition. Overnight oats offer a scope of medical advantages, because of the presence of more fiber and protein content in it. They likewise contain various nutrients and minerals, some of which incorporate manganese, phosphorus, copper, iron etc. This is one of the reasons that overnight soaked oats are good for you when compared to normal cooked oats.

Another distinction lies in the way of preparing the dish. Overnight soaked oats are prepared by soaking the same in different liquids such as milk, water etc. which helps in keeping all the nutrients stored in the oats itself. But the cooked oats are prepared by heating the same which results in loss of nutrients. Another moderate way of cooking oats without losing too much of nutrients is by cooking on a low heat for a longer time. This permits oats to expand and leak the fluid in all their pores subsequently making them a healthy and satisfying breakfast or dinner.

Few tasty overnight soaked oats recipes include:

- Oatmeal with Dalia

- Oatmeal along with Yogurt and Fruits

- Oatmeal and chicken porridge

- Oatmeal with banana and Almond porridge

Bottom Line:

Basically soaked oats are superior to ordinary oats as far as health is concerned. However, shouldn't something be said about taste? A few people say that soaked oats give them a chewy surface which makes breakfast better tasting in comparison to ordinary oats which taste more like dull soup. Several varieties of rolled oats can be found in the market as per your liking. It is essential that you do not add many sweet flavors to the oats making them unhealthy. The best method to make overnight soaked oats is to put oats in a bowl with milk or curd or water and keep it overnight.

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