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World Coconut Day: These 10 Health Benefits of Coconut Will Blow Your Mind

Shigraf Zahbi
Shigraf Zahbi
Coconut has a great taste and also many health benefits

Whether you realize it or not, coconut is present in our lives in many different ways: as garnish in our puddings, as oil in our hair, as cooking oil in our food, and as a cool, refreshing drink. But have you ever come across the amazing health benefits of coconut? Ahead of this World Coconut Day on September 2, we have compiled for you a list of list of 10 health benefits of coconut that will blow your mind.

Benefits of Coconut

Immunity Building 

Immunity is the word which has become very familiar to us during the times of Covid-19. You will be surprised to know, that a seemingly ordinary coconut has antibacterial and antiviral properties. In order to build our immunity, we can include coconut in our diet in many different ways, by using coconut oil as cooking oil, drinking coconut water, and even by eating raw coconut.  

Weight Loss 

Those who are on a diet cannot choose a lot of food items from the menu; however, coconut is not one of them. Coconut oil is a go to option for those who are trying to lose weight. Replacing normal cooking oils with coconut oil can help you shed those extra kilos and also have other health benefits. Even eating raw coconut can give you a feeling of fullness and help you reduce weight by curbing your appetite.

Beautiful Skin and Hair 

If you’re having a bad hair day, just heat some coconut oil and apply on your hair. You can also use to massage your body. Coconut oil has high fat content which nourishes skin and hair and also gives freedom from wrinkles. As already mentioned, coconut is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This makes it good for scalp health. 

Healthy Bones 

Coconut is very rich in minerals. The high manganese content of coconut makes it a very good dietary inclusion for bone health. It can help in bone development and density.

Goodbye Constipation  

Constipation is a digestive issue a number of people face. Coconuts are very high in fibre content and therefore they can prove to be a great cure to constipation. In fact, 61 per cent of coconut is fibre. It can be consumed raw or, alternatively, coconut oil can be used as a laxative.  


Staying hydrated is very important for your skin and overall health. Coconut water is a great electrolyte source. Electrolytes play some very important roles in our body, including maintaining proper fluid balance. The high electrolyte-content in coconut water is the best, healthiest drink for hydration.  

Diabetes Control 

There is some evidence to support the claim that coconut oil can be helpful in controlling type 2 diabetes. Including coconut oil in your recipe can actually enhance insulin sensitivity which can lead to healthier blood sugar levels.

Alzheimer Disease Prevention 

Studies suggest that coconut contains medium chain triglycerides. These have ketogenic properties which may help in the prevention of Alzheimer and a number of other cognitive diseases.  

Healthy Teeth 

Coconut oil is helpful in fighting tooth decay. It fights the harmful bacteria which give rise to dental caries.


Coconut flour is made from coconut flesh which has been dried and then grounded. It is completely gluten free and can be used by people who are on a gluten-free diet for baking a number of dishes.

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