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Escorts Tractor Registers 49 percent growth in January 2021 Sales

Escort Tractors has recorded a staggering 49% growth in its sales of tractors in the month of January 2021.

Shipra Singh
Escorts Tractor
Escorts Tractor

Escorts Agri Machinery Segment sold a whopping 9,021 tractors in January 2021. This is the highest ever sales of the company in the month of January, amounting to a growth of 48.8%. In January 2020, the company had sold 6,063 tractors.  

Domestic sales of Escorts tractors in January 2021 was recorded at 8, 510, which amounts to a growth of 45.6%. In January 2020, the sales was 5,845 tractors.  

Export sales of tractors in January 2021 recorded 511 tractors, amounting an increase of 134.4% in growth. In January 2020, it was just 218 tractors.  

The entire upward curve of tractors sales at the domestic or export level shows that the tractor market is going strong. The supply of tractors is normalizing. Although inflation is still a worry, strong cash flows in the rural sector and positive macro-economic factors provide bright rays of hope.

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