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Gencrest: Designing Lasting Solutions to Create a Future for Everyone

Many products, including bio-nutrients, biofiber, bioplastic, biogas, and many more zero-waste bio-Agri products, have been developed as a result of Gencrest's thorough research. The 'Green Solution for Farmers' biostimulant Agrosatva, which contains NPK, micronutrients, and growth hormones, is important among them.

Binita Kumari
Ravi Agrawal , chairman — Gencrest (left) and Vinay Gupta, chief executive officer.
Ravi Agrawal , chairman — Gencrest (left) and Vinay Gupta, chief executive officer.

Being in a consumer economy is difficult because growing output without considering the environment would lead to a grievous future. According to Gencrest's Chairman Ravi Agrawal, sustainability is everyone's duty. Gencrest, a part of the Samta group of businesses, is a fully integrated, research and innovation-focused biotech corporation.

The company has a manufacturing facility in Bhusawal, Maharashtra, and both its corporate headquarters and research and development (R&D) centers are located in Mumbai. The company's primary goal is to build an agro-value chain by upcycling agricultural waste and creating economic value for the farmer community.

Gencrest’s CEO, Vinay Gupta avers that the company aims to develop practical, sustainable solutions. Gencrest believes in creating green solutions for a better society, from sustainable fibers to bioethanol. He further stated that to walk the vision, Gencrest has been driving path-breaking product innovations through enzymatic solutions. These are undertaken at the in-house R&D center in Mumbai and Bangalore in India and in Philadelphia in the US. These research centers work in synergy with different leading institutes for designing and developing multiple, novel, and sustainable products.

Gencrest’s extensive research has enabled the development of multiple products and is not only limited to bio-nutrients, bio-fiber, bio-plastic, bio-gas, and many other bio-Agri products with zero wastage. Key among them is the ‘Green Solution for Farmers’ the biostimulant, Agrosatva, containing NPK, micro-nutrients, and growth hormones.

“Our innovations are solving everyday questions with long-term answers. Everything that grows needs nurturing. Soil-friendly, farmer-friendly, and eco-friendly, Agrosatva biostimulant brings a tremendous positive change in the soil fertility and soil nutrients such as organic carbon and pH levels. Agrosatva has been successfully tested on farmlands with principal benefits that include soil nourishment, increased bacterial growth, increased immunity, enhanced root development, growth, and flowering/ fruiting leading to significant improvement in yield with reduced farmer input costs. The most sustainable advantage being the core raw material agri-biomass,” Gupta concluded.

Future crop cultivation would be challenging due to the overuse of chemicals. Even if we can't eliminate chemicals from our lives, we can change processes by incorporating enzymatic technology to decrease their influence.

This objective guided the development of environmentally friendly brands, Agrosatva, the biostimulant, and Vibrant, the conscious fiber. Proving that a sustainable farming future is possible, Gencrest continues to push its R&D activities by inventing path-breaking products through enzymatic solutions.

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