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GROWiT Launches e- Commerce Platform for Protective Farming Products

GROWiT, India’s leading Direct-to-Farmer (D2F) protective farming products, has announced the launches India’s first protective farming eCommerce portal. As per GROWiT, the launch of the eCommerce portal will be a milestone in the nation’s agriculture ecosystem.

Shivam Dwivedi
Protected cultivation is a process of growing crops in a controlled environment
Protected cultivation is a process of growing crops in a controlled environment

GROWiT's eCommerce portal is aimed at spreading awareness among the farmer fraternity in India. It will significantly assist farmers in adopting protective farming and utilizing it to increase crop yield, thereby increasing their income.

As per the leading brand of protective farming products, the agricultural portal will have an easy user interface for farmers’ convenience. Initially, the portal will feature 18 protective farming products with sub-categories and more than 100 SKUs (Stock-keeping Units).

The best part is that all of the products will be sold at prices that include taxes and freight so that the farmers will incur no additional costs. The portal will facilitate the purchase of products starting from INR 500 with a special discount of a flat 10% on the products bought within the first month of the portal’s launch as a celebratory gesture to attract more farmers.

“We are pleased to launch India's first protective farming eCommerce portal. In the technology-driven contemporary era, it is important to upgrade the commercial practices in the agricultural ecosystem of the country. GROWiT’s eCommerce portal will be useful to farmers who want convenient access to the finest protective farming products available online. Through our portal, we look forward to helping farmers across India by making agricultural products of the best quality available at affordable prices,” said Saurabh Agarwal, Director and CEO of GROWiT.

The agricultural eCommerce portal will be launched in three phases. Each phase will be launched with a gap of 3–6 months to ensure premium quality for the end users. One of the eminent highlights of the eCommerce portal is its launch quote, “We want to empower the farmers for food security,"  which portrays the brand’s contribution towards the development of the agriculture industry in the country.

The portal will enable farmers and franchise owners to make quick decisions while buying protective farming products featured online. The protective farming brand looks forward to transforming the commercial landscape of protective farming by launching the nation’s first eCommerce portal for protective farming.

GROWiT has plans to add new features to the portal soon, thereby converting it into a one-stop solution for the protective farming needs of farmers across the nation.

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