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Innoterra Wins National Award for Entrepreneurship in Agriculture

The award was conferred by Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar and Maharashtra Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar.

Shruti Kandwal
Innoterra received the prestigious award at the National Conference on Horticultural Value Chains in Pune, India
Innoterra received the prestigious award at the National Conference on Horticultural Value Chains in Pune, India

At the National Conference on Horticultural Value Chains in Pune, India, the Swiss-Indian agri-tech platform company Innoterra won the National Award for Entrepreneurship in Agriculture.

The award highlights Innoterra's leading position in the agri-tech market as a platform company. The company garnered significant recognition for its success in perishables, particularly for the growth of the banana cluster in India. 2,000 people, including FPOs, farmers, researchers, and policymakers, participated in the event, which the Union Ministry of Agriculture organized, the Government of India. Dr. Anup Karwa, Head of Nutrition for Innoterra (India), participated in the event with a booth showcasing a range of the company’s products and services.

Dr. Karwa noted the recognition "demonstrates our dedication to enhancing the livelihoods of farmer households associated with horticultural clusters" when speaking about the award. We are ready to collaborate with the Indian horticultural community to provide traceable, high-quality, certified food products to feed the globe.

The company's platform business is built upon and launched from its nutrition business. Launched in April 2022, Innoterra’s platform connects the whole agricultural value chain with two robust digital orchestration marketplaces.  

Farmers can get farm inputs through the input market, and the output market links smallholder farmer households with retailers for offtake. Innoterra recently reached the milestone of adding more than 12,000 retailers and 323,500 farmer households to its platform.

Innoterra is an Open-Architecture Platform for Farmers

A Swiss-Indian food and technology platform startup called Innoterra is changing the economics of smallholder agriculture and providing the world with nutritious meals. In order to dramatically raise the net income of its farming partners and promote the shift to more regenerative farming techniques, the company offers high-tech and personalized services.

Its open-architecture platform gives farmers optimal access to input and output marketplaces and systematically enhances their farming and commercial capabilities through advisory and customized learning programs. Innoterra also provides a range of leading-edge software solutions for farm produce aggregators, farmer organizations, distributors, and retailers.

More than 1300 people are employed by the company, which also collaborates closely with key farmer communities and partners. It manages the sale of farm products with quality management and traceability through its extensive sales and distribution network in South-East Asia, the Middle East, and India.

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