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Niche Agriculture Limited- Shaping Agricultural Practices and Reducing Carbon Footprints

Agriculture is both the victim and a contributor to climate change. It produces a substantial amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) contributing approximately 30% of the total greenhouse gas emissions,

KJ Staff
Niche Agriculture Limited
Niche Agriculture Limited

Agriculture is both the victim and a contributor to climate change. It produces a substantial amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) contributing approximately 30% of the total greenhouse gas emissions, and this is mainly due to the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and animal waste.

Greenhouse gases, including nitrous oxide, CO2, and methane contributes to global climate change and global warming and thus, features a great impact on the sustainability of agricultural production systems. The studies and research reports state that 42 percent of GHG emissions comes from crop production and 58 percent are emitted from livestock.  

The loss of the world's soil health and unethical agricultural practices has prompted Niche Agriculture Limited to initiate Carbon-smart farming methods that include the use of renewable power sources, organic farming techniques to reduce the use of chemical pesticides and manures. "Restoring Soil Health" is the motto of Niche Agriculture. Niche Agriculture Limited utilizes agricultural techniques that recover, revitalize and restore the soil and the environment leading to competency in producing high-quality agricultural products eventually waving towards healthy communities, sound and cleaner environment.  

Livestock Emissions contribute the most to greenhouse gases emission. As Niche Agriculture is home to large number of cows and other dairy animals, they adopt for improved management of grazing lands with efficient feeding practices, dietary additives, animal breeding that leads to more efficient use of organic manures as nutrients for crops and focusing towards sustainable intensification. 

By utilizing organic manures and pesticides with the right rate, place, and time, Niche Agriculture contributes to higher yields, improving soil nutrients, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They came up with various soil management practices including diversification of annual crops, integration of a cropping system that aids in better farm management by reducing carbon footprints. One Teaspoon of healthy soil has more living life forms than total number of human beings on Earth. On this vision, they use an efficient soil cultivation system, known as, Zero Tillage where the seeds are deposited directly into the untilled soils that improves the efficiency on farms and lower the impact of overall greenhouse gases.  

Niche Agriculture Limited puts the first step towards a not-so-distant future where carbon-smart farming will be a part of our daily lives. They significantly reduce the amount of nitrogen and other greenhouse gases. With the adoption of smart practices like No-tilling, livestock integration they are combating climate change by diminishing carbon footprints and other greenhouse gas emissions.

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