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Sumil Chemical Industries Launches TRION ZFS & BLACK BELT Insecticides

Sumil Chemical Industries Private Limited launched on May 19, two insecticides named, TRION ZFS and BLACK BELT.

Kritika Madhukar
The launching of TRION ZFS & BLACK BELT Insecticides
The launching of TRION ZFS & BLACK BELT Insecticides

Sumil Chemical Industries Private Limited launched two New 9(3) Insecticides named TRION ZFS and BLACK BELT at a program held at hotel Radisson Zirakpur today. TRION ZFS was launched in the presence of Rajender Akhani, President, Sales, Hitesh Patel, VP Marketing, NB Patel, National Sales Manager, Radhey Shyam, Head Crop Protection, and Chirag Darji, Marketing Services.

Bimal Shah, MD, SML group mentioned that SML Group is a technology leader in the advanced formulation, serving more than 85 global farming countries for 5 decades and having one of the world's largest ultra-modern manufacturing capacities of environmentally friendly, high quality, and biologically efficient formulations like WDGs, CSs, EWs, SCs, ZCs.

A dedicated State-of-the-Art R & D Center with expertise in developing novel formulation platform technology with a growing Global Patent Portfolio.


TRION ZFS is the world's first insecticide and nutrient combination in the form of W.G. formulation developed by Sumil Chemical Industries to combat the deadly Yellow stem borer. The product details were shared by Radhey Shyam, Head Crop Protection at Sulphur Mills limited.


He said that the product is one of a kind because the inert materials used for the formation of insecticides are replaced with Sulphur 70% and Zinc Oxide 13%, replacing the inert/non-active compounds with nutrition leading to the protection of plants from harmful inerts.

It also leads to providing required nutrition to the plants not only but is also beneficial for soil health. Hence getting its tagline - “Anokha Sangam Duniya Me Awwal”.

TRION ZFS being a WG-based product makes its application easier. It is suggested to apply 4 Kg /Acre after 15 to 20 days of transplanting in paddy and indirect sown paddy after 25 to 30 days of sowing by uniformly mixing in soil or fertilizer. This time slot is the most effective to provide a protective shield against the stem borer and as this initial tillering is a critical stage of the crop from a Nutrition perspective as well, TRION ZFS is the best choice for farmers as its World's first insecticide and nutrient combination product.

BLACK BELT is a dry cap technology-based product having water-dispersible granules (WDG) formulation with controlled release properties is the unique differential factor along with other benefits like quick know down, longer residual control, and no smell.

Hence its tagline is “Chadhi Jawani Badde Ko”. It is suggested to apply it 270-300 gm/acre and with 200 liters of water for controlling Stem borer in Paddy.

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