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10th Agrochemicals Conference: R G Agarwal Highlights Crop Loss Estimates Due to Improper Use of Fertilizers

Shivam Dwivedi
Shivam Dwivedi
R.G. Agarwal, Group Chairman, Dhanuka Agritech Ltd.

After delivering welcome remarks at 10th Edition of Agrochemicals Conference, R.G. Agarwal, Group Chairman, Dhanuka Agritech Ltd., discussed about various issues that our Agrochemical Industry is facing and also suggested some reforms. Let’s discuss them in detail:

Crop Loss:

R G Agarwal highlighted various estimates on crop losses due to improper or insufficient use of fertilizers and agrochemicals. It incurs a huge loss of about Rs 7.97 Lakh crore. It may also be one of the reasons that the farmers of India are suffering from poverty. Given Below are some of the Crop Loss Estimates:

  • Parliament (Government Estimates)- 10 to 30 % crop loss

  • FAO Estimates- About 40 %crop loss in Asian Countries

  • ICAR Estimates- 8 to 90 % crop loss could be due to climatic conditions, attacks and various diseases

Concerns of Agrochemical Industry:

As per R G Agarwal, Agrochemical industry is facing many issues that are harming its growth potential. These concerns are as follows:

  • Problems in introduction of new pesticides

  • Problem in Current Registration System for Insecticides

  • Complicated & Complex Registration Guidelines

  • Long & Uncertain time taken in Registration of New Products

Suggestions or Reforms by RG Agarwal:

  • Agrochemical Industry needs reforms in some areas that are as follows:

  • Reforms in Registration Process

  • Reforms in License Issuance

  • Reforms in Quality Control Process

  • Reform to create modern infrastructure with compliance & manpower for timely delivery

Possible Steps of Correction: 

  • Increase fees of Registration

  • Introduce computerized system to ensure compliance

  • Introduce KYC system to Track & Monitor manufacturing facility

  • Penalize with cancellation in case of non-compliance & wrong information

  • Implement Government Notification No. S.O.166 (E) 22nd January 2010

  • Bring Accountability in the system

  • For Quality Control System- Labs should be NABL approved and lashed with modern technologies

Concluding his speech, R G Agarwal, said that Pesticides are playing an important role in the food security of the nation. Therefore, the Agrochemical industry deserves respect and acknowledgment as it provides food and nutritional security.  Furthermore, he said that the industry is committed to the growth of the agriculture sector and is ready to adopt newer technologies like Drones, AI, Cropshift and Precision Farming. At last, he showed interest to work with KVKs & Universities to update and upgrade our farmers to the best of their ability.

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