3 Mobile Apps to check Stubble Burning launched in Punjab

Stubble burning has been a major issue of concern in the northern parts of India during the harvesting season. In the past few years, it has caused severe air pollution in the National Capital Region and other neighboring areas. Keeping this in mind, Chief Minister of Punjab, Amarinder Singh has launched three mobile applications on 11 October with an aim to check crop residue burning and create consciousness about its effects on the atmosphere and human health. The Android mobile apps have been invented by Punjab Remote Sensing Centre (PRSC).

The three apps are –

1. i-Khet machine for assisting the farmers to have access to farming machinery and equipment for in-situ management of crop residue.  

2. e-PEHaL for checking tree plantation in the region.

3. e-Prevent to have timely and accurate information about the occurrence of crop residue burning.

The mobile applications would give information at three levels i.e. district, block and village in Punjabi as well as English language. Chief Minister during the launch emphasized for strict checking and making farmers aware of the dangers caused due to stubble burning. He told stubble burning not only causes irreversible damage to the soil texture of and environment but also affects human health. He also instructed the agriculture department to work with the science, technology and environment division to increase campaign to inform farmers about stubble burning.

Viswajeet Khanna, Additional Chief Secretary (Development) said, 20 million tonnes of paddy straw was produced in Punjab, out of which only 5 million tonnes was managed. Almost 15 million tonnes of paddy straw was burnt for easy clearance of farm, he added

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