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6 Internship Opportunities For Mass Communication Students, Monthly Stipend Up to Rs. 15, 000

As the summer vacations roll in, students have the perfect chance to grab internship opportunities to learn directly from the experts in their field. Here are some mass communication internship opportunities for students to explore.

Binita Kumari
Apply for internship at these companies to gain exposure and hone your skills.
Apply for internship at these companies to gain exposure and hone your skills.

Internships are essential for developing useful skills and knowledge. These help a student in becoming job-ready and eligible for future opportunities. An internship in mass communication exposes you to a variety of disciplines. So, here's a list of mass communication internships where you can apply this week and possibly earn a stipend.

Company Secretary Internship at IAAN School of Mass Communication

The IAAN School of Mass Communication is accepting applications for an internship position as a corporate secretary intern. The candidate's day-to-day responsibilities include, among other things, coordinating with senior personnel, maintaining registers, and taking calls. Candidates must be computer savvy, have experience with MS Office, and be able to type in Hindi and English. The monthly stipend ranges from Rs 12,000 to Rs 15,000 each month. Click here to apply

Mass Communication and Journalism Internship at Dais World

Interns are needed for an apprenticeship and internship program at Dais World. Candidates will be expected to write and edit articles, publish on a live platform, master the fundamentals of on-field journalism, and serve as editorial assistants. Click here to apply.

Journalism Internship at LRR Technologies

LRR Technologies is accepting applications for the role of an editorial intern. Through engaging projects, students will be able to improve their English writing skills. Candidates who are recruited will receive a monthly stipend of between Rs 3,000 and Rs 8,000. Click here to apply.

Public Relations Internship at CryptoMize

Applications are being accepted for a three-month public relations executive internship at CryptoMize in Delhi. Assisting in the development of publicity plans and campaigns, conducting research on clients and competitors, and writing and producing presentations are all part of the job description. After completing the internship, selected candidates will get a certificate. Click here to apply.

Journalism Internship at Exposing Now

Apply for a three-month journalism internship with Exposing Now. The candidates will be tasked with a variety of tasks, including news writing, reporting, interviewing, debate, and public speaking. Candidates would be paid Rs 2,000 per month as a stipend, with the possibility of a performance bonus. Click here to apply.

Mass Communication Internship at Loom Solar

Loom Solar is accepting applications for an internship in mass communication. Selected candidates will be responsible for preparing and writing content, writing video marketing scripts, anchoring, and finding engaging content related to news products. The monthly stipend on offer is Rs 8,000. Click here to apply.

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