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AAP Begins Electoral Campaign in Karnataka; Tries to Woo Farmers

If AAP wins power, it promises a government devoid of corruption and handouts.

Chintu Das
Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi CM
Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi CM

"Vote for the BJP if you want rioters and bullies, and vote for me if you want schools and hospitals," said Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi chief minister and national convenor of the Aam Admi Party (AAP), to a cheering crowd at the National College Grounds in Bengaluru on Thursday, kicking off his party's campaign for the 2023 assembly elections in Karnataka.

"If farmers have vowed to enter politics now, it is because they are in a horrible situation, even after 75 years of independence." Farmers are committing suicide, small farmers are experiencing destitution, and children of farmers are choosing not to work in agriculture. "You can dismantle any administration if the farming community joins together," Kejriwal declared, pushing farmers to join his party.

On the occasion, a faction of the Karnataka Rajya Raita Sangha (KRRS) led by Kodihalli Chandrashekar promised support for the AAP.

"The AAP respects farmers, and we will not rest until this country's farmers succeed," Kejriwal stated.

"One should not be arrogant," Kejriwal remarked, referring to the Centre's withdrawal of three controversial farm laws following a 13-month farmer protest. Ravan was conceited. Many people warned him that Ram was an incarnation of god and advised him not to antagonize him when he kidnapped Sita, including his wife Mandodari and Vibheeshan. Ravan, on the other hand, believed he was unstoppable. What happened to him is known to us.

Similarly, during the pandemic, the Modi administration shown its hubris by passing three black (farm) laws through an order. They reasoned that the farmers were unnecessary. Many people cautioned the government against going after the farmers. They, on the other hand, paid no attention to anyone. I applaud all farmers for putting an end to the government's arrogance."

Promising to provide a better future for the people of Karnataka ""Let me tell you, if the Congress in Karnataka was a 20% sarkar and the BJP was a 40% sarkar, let me tell you, Delhi has zero percent sarkar because there is no corruption," Kejriwal stated. Our PM has awarded me the title of "Most Honest CM." They discovered nothing at my residence and workplace, despite raids by the CBI, IT, and police. My ministers and MLAs were in the same boat."

Kejriwal stated that he was not a politician "I'm not well-versed in politics. But, as a common guy, I understand the agony of the common man. As a result, my government guaranteed that everyone had access to free, high-quality education. Our government schools' results this year are 99.7%, and more than four lakh kids from private schools have enrolled in government institutions. This is incredible. People choose to visit government hospitals over Max, Fortis, or Apollo hospitals because we provide them with world-class care at no cost. People have access to free electricity and water 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All of this is made possible by the fact that we are a trustworthy government that saves money."

Anti-corruption campaigners used to sit in marches in Delhi, and politicians would challenge them to run for office, according to Kejriwal. "They should have known better than to challenge the common man, who is extremely powerful. He can shake even the mightiest throne if he speaks out for himself. We accepted the challenge, ran for, and won elections in Delhi and Punjab. It's now or never for us to win Karnataka "Farmers around the country are being urged to join AAP, according to Kejriwal.

Kejriwal indicated that he has been harmed in the recent past by a number of instances. "An MP's son smashed farmers in Lakhimpur (UP) with his car. The BJP government, on the other hand, rewarded the MP by appointing him as a minister.

A country that rewards murderers will never grow. When only my elderly parents were at home, several goondas stormed my residence. The thugs were recruited into the BJP. The BJP honors the rapists and sends them on a shobha yatra (procession). This is where all the thugs and rapists are congregating. AAP, on the other hand, is a party of honest, patriotic, and honorable individuals. You know who's behind the rioting. Vote for riots if you want them. Vote for me if you want schools and hospitals."

"The Raita Sangha is giving its support to Aam Admi Party since it can provide a corruption-free administration," Chandrashekar, who joined the AAP in the presence of Kejriwal, said. During Gundu Rao's term, the Congress administration started fire on farmers, and now the BJP is murdering farmers with its anti-farmer policies. If the BJP governs with a 40% commission, the Congress governs with a 20% commission. We require a government with 0% commission, similar to the one in Delhi. Nothing should be able to stop us all if Arvind Kejriwal can combat corruption."

Chandrashekhar also announced the launch of the 'Chalavali' television channel, which would focus on the farming community.

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