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Agricultural Marketing Schemes

What to do? •Farmer can get the price information of their produce available on Agmarknet website (www.agmarknet.nic.in), through Kisan Call Centres or SMS.

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What to do?

- Farmer can get the price information of their produce available on Agmarknet website (www.agmarknet.nic.in), through Kisan Call Centres or SMS.

- Harvesting and threshing should be done at appropriate time.

- Proper grading, packing and labeling should be done before sale for better prices.

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- Transport of produce at proper market/mandi for getting remunerative price.

Storage of produce should be done for sale during off season for maximum profit.

Avoid distress sale.

Farmer in a group can form marketing cooperatives for better marketing facilities.

Marketing cooperatives can open retail and wholesale outlets.

Farmers can also operate cold storages and warehouses to store the produce in order to avoid distress sale.

Scheme Name

Type of  Assistance

Pattern of Assistance

Development/Strengthening of Agricultural Marketing Infrastructure,
Grading & Standardization

• For rapid development of infrastructure projects in agriculture and allied sectors including dairy, meat, fisheries and minor forest produce 
• To develop marketing infrastructure to cater to the post-harvest requirement of production and marketable surplus of various farm products. 

• 25% of the capital cost of project up to ₹ 50 lakh on each project.
• In Hilly or Tribal areas or SC/ST entrepreneurs and their cooperatives, subsidy shall be 33.33% of the capital cost up to ₹ 60 lakh in each case.
• No proper ceiling on subsidy in respect of projects of State agencies.

Gramin Bhandaran Yojana : A Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme for
Construction/Renovation of Rural Godowns

Go down capacity from100 Mt to 30000 MT (50 MT for hill areas) • For all farmers 
• For woman farmers, their Self Help Groups, Cooperatives, SC & ST entrepreneurs.
• For other categories

• 25 percent subsidy of capital cost
• 33.33 percent subsidy of capital cost
• 15 percent subsidy of capital cost

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