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Alert! Eggs, Chicken and Fish Prices Expected To Rise

Chintu Das
Chintu Das
Poultry Farming

Prices of eggs, poultry, mutton, and fish are anticipated to rise soon after Vinayak Chavithi due to festivities from September to January. The Covid pandemic, as well as a rise in soybean and maize prices, have wreaked havoc on chicken producers. Soybean prices have reportedly risen by 115 percent in a year, according to sources. 

Bhaskar, an executive member of the Telangana Poultry Federation, told the media that eggs were sold for Rs 4 apiece when soybeans were 36,000 per ton and maize was Rs 13,000 per tonne, but that the situation has changed now, with soybeans costing Rs 1 lakh per ton and maize costing Rs 21,000 per ton. He claims that if an egg costs Rs 5, 20 lakh poultry farmers will be able to keep serving the people. 

In the month of July, a similar situation took place in Karnataka state. Due to the rise in production expenses, many farmers lost a significant amount of money during the lockdown. Several farmers incurred losses and lacked the funds to sustain the same level of output, resulting in a drop in volume. 

Prior to the lockdown, the farm gate price for poultry was less than Rs 90 per kg, and the cost of production was less than Rs 70, but the increase in feed costs has pushed the cost of production beyond Rs 110 per kg. Due to the increase in production expenses, many farmers lost a significant amount of money during the lockdown. Even at Rs 125 per kg, it will take around three to four months for these farmers to recoup their losses. 

The drop in output coincides with medical professionals advising individuals to incorporate protein-rich poultry items like chicken and eggs in their diets to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Karnataka's egg consumption jumped from 1.2 crore to 1.5 crore per day a few months ago. As a result, the retail price of one egg had increased from Rs 5 to Rs 7. 

Increased per capita consumption would benefit not only consumers in terms of nutritional content, but also farmers, many of whom are struggling. 

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