Biometrics Tech to Fruit Farming

An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away. It is not the only saying but in the era of health conscious people. The Fruit to be fresh, to select and choose the same, the new technology introduced, which is biometric  with the help of the scanner, the fruit is selected graded and certified as Fresh, which is requirement.

The enormous richness and variety of fruit and vegetables are one of nature’s greatest gifts. In a world characterized by an exponentially increasing demand and increasingly limited resources.
Biometric technology from Fujitsu is now being used to support the operations of a major fruit farming operation in  America, Washington state.

Biometic is an  overall electronic partner for controlling and optimizing all aspects of fruit processing. As specialist in fruit scanning with great experience and long history, using the newest and most innovative technology. Using optoelectronic multi-sensor quality scanning technologies, enhance the quality and value of fruit by optimizing grading, sorting, storage and production. The  scanner working in an unrivaled manner in terms of quality and speed. Innovation is the company drive. Fruit is their passion!

The deployment comes by way of Philadelphia-based ePortID, whose ePortID PalmClock is now being used for biometric time and attendance tracking by Domex Superfresh Growers. The solution uses Fujitsu’s F-Pro palm vein scanner for employee identification, ensuring that workers are accurately being recorded when they punch in and out for work.

It’s a useful solution, given the nature of Domex Superfresh Growers business. It’s a major operation, shipping 20 million cartons of fruit annually, but the company naturally sees seasonal spikes in demand and in its workflow. It also involves a number of farms and warehouses, all of which makes for an operational complexity in which biometric time and attendance tracking offers compelling solutions.

As Domex Superfresh Growers CFO Sam Sluys explains in a statement announcing the deployment, in trying “to keep all of the legacy systems calibrated, updated and available to all employees, our overhead became too high.” But ePortID’s solution, featuring Fujitsu’s.

News of the deployment comes after Fujitsu’s announcement just a couple of weeks ago that it had surpassed the one million mark in global sales of PalmSecure.

PalmSecure technology, has offered “a viable solution that captures the actual hours worked by all employees in one system while helping eliminate fraud and buddy punching.”


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Krishi Jagran/New Delhi

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