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Christmas 2020: 7 Incredible Facts about Christmas Tree You Must Know

Chintu Das
Chintu Das
Christmas Tree

No doubt, the most basic and primary requirement in order to celebrate Christmas is “Christmas Tree”, People celebrate Christmas and open presents with friends and family every year. The Christmas tree's fascinating history in all likelihood goes back two centuries. 

History of Christmas tree

It is believed that Christians aren't the first to cherish and decorate Christmas trees. The tradition started with the pagans, who used to idolize trees that are evergreen as a figure of potency and fertility. 

The Latvian people and other people from European nations started decorating the Christmas tree back in the 1500’s and 1600’s. Later on the tradition was adopted by the Germans also. 

The tradition was brought to England in the 1840’s by Prince Albert, Husband of Queen Victoria. A photograph of the Royal family with a decorated Christmas tree has led the common people of England to celebrate Christmas in a different way. Later the people of America started celebrating Christmas with a decorated Christmas tree. 

Below are Amazing facts about Christmas tree: 

  • More than 90 percent of the Christmas trees are grown in the farms. Very less percentage of Christmas trees are cut from the forests.

  • Christmas trees can bear a lot of bugs and unwanted critters in it. It is very important to shake and clean the tree before you take the tree inside your home. Many of the bugs can create havoc in your house if you do not take enough care before placing and decorating it.

  • Martin Luther King is the one who started with lighting up the Christmas tree in the sixteenth century. Martin started by putting lighted candles in the tree. History says that Martin was intrigued by the twinkling stars in the sky. He recaptured the idea by putting lighted candles in the branches of the tree that he erected in his house. 

  • It was back in the nineteenth century, when artificial Christmas trees came to existence in Germany. The same later became famous in the United States of America. The structure was constructed using wired branches and green-dyed goose feathers.  

  • Earlier, hanging a Christmas tree from the ceiling was a practice that was followed by the people in Central and Eastern Europe. The practice of hanging the tree upside down was common among people from the Slavic groups.

  • Most of the Christmas trees are recycled and used as a barrier to stop erosion of sand and soil. Similarly,the trees are also used in the ponds in order to arrange for a shelter for the fishes. 

  • A time period of nearly 15 years can be taken for a Christmas tree to reach its exemplary height. Around 6 to 7 feet is considered ideal for a Christmas tree. Based on the conditions, it can take as little as 4 years to reach its ideal height but normally it takes 7 years.

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