Complete List of Tata Sky Packs and Plans Starting with Just Rs. 7 per Month

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
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Using Tata Sky but confused about the best fit offer for you? Then your worries end here. Here we will tell you about the best Tata Sky offer that fits your content consumption preferences. 

As the new DTH and TV framework of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has been put it into effect, service providers are coming up with curated packs to suit the various need of subscribers. Tata Sky has recently unveiled 14 new regional plans at a starting price of just Rs. 7 per month.  

Tata Sky's offerings are broadly divided into five categories- Curated Packs, Regional Packs, Add On / Mini Packs, Broadcaster Packs, and Channels. The Tata Sky Curated Packs includes 13 subcategories with multiple plans under each one of them such as Pan-India curated packs, South Premium Packs, and Smart Packs among others.  

The Tata Sky Regional Packs offer plans with regional language channels for users based in different regions. The Add-On or Mini Packs offer multiple plans with a small number of niche channels for sports, music, etc., while the Broadcaster Packs offers plans consisting of channels from a single broadcaster. 

Tata Sky NCF fees and multiple connections 

Notably, Tata Sky levies a network capacity fee of Rs. 153 per month, inclusive of all taxes, for the first 100 channels selected. After that, it charges Rs. 23 per month for every slab of 25 additional channels. Tata Sky has also detailed the variable pricing for multiple TV connections. So for example, if a customer has a primary connection pack price of up to Rs. 100, then the secondary connection will be available at a monthly charge of Rs. 150. For customers who have a primary subscription between Rs. 101 and Rs. 200, they need to spend Rs. 200 on their secondary connection. 

Tata Sky Curated Packs 

Starting with the Tata Sky Curated Packs, this section has subscription plans divided across 13 categories. Here's a quick breakdown of what you can get: 

  • FTA Basic Pack: This zero cost plan (Rs. 0 per month) comprises of 100 free-to-air channels in different languages divided across entertainment, news, music and other categories.

  • Pan-India Curated Packs: This section will let you choose from 14 different plans that start at Rs. 179 per month for the Hindi Bachatplan with 31 channels, and goes all the way up to Rs. 745 per month for the Premium Sports English HD plan offering 134 channels with some of them providing high definition (HD) visual experience.

  • Maharashtra Curated Packs: 10 channel plans; starting at Rs. 338 per month

  • West Bengal Curated Packs: 10 channel plans; starting at Rs. 334 per month

  • South Basic Packs: 8 channel plans; starting at Rs. 248 per month

  • South Family Kids Sports Packs: 16 channel plans; starting at Rs. 352 per month

  • South Premium Packs: 8 channel plans; starting at Rs. 608 per month

  • South Dual Language Basic Packs: 12 channel plans; starting at Rs.346 per month

  • South Dual Language Premium Packs: 12 channel plans; starting at Rs. 691 per month

  • Smart Packs: 10 channel plans; starting at Rs. 206 per month

  • Andhra Pradesh & Telangana Curated Packs: 1 channel plan priced at Rs. 199 per month

Tata Sky Regional Packs offer a choice between a total of 33 plans, which offer regional language channels. A total of 6 plans under the Regional Packs category have zero subscription cost and offer as many as 16 free-to-air channels. As for the paid plans, they start at Rs. 7 per month for the “Gujarati Regional” plan that offers 4 channels, and go up to Rs. 164 per month for the Tamil Regional HD pack that bundles 24 channels. 

Tata Sky Add On / Mini Packs 

The Tata Sky Add On / Mini Packs category offers a total of 27 plans, which mostly offer a small selection of channels in a particular content class such as sports, music, English movies, and lifestyle among others. Under this class, the “FTA English News” is a no-cost offering and grants access to 13 free-to-air English news channels. 

The paid plans under Tata Sky Add On / Mini Packs division start at Rs. 5 per month for the Hindi news plan, which offers a total of 9 channels, while the priciest one of the bunch – the English Movies HD plan – offers a total of 12 channels and costs Rs. 162 per month. There are also a few channels whose subscription can be purchased for 4 months or 12 months in one go. 

Broadcaster Packs 

The Broadcaster Packs is essentially a category that offers plans on the basis of channels from a single broadcasting network such as Star, Disney, and NDTV among others. There are a total of 16 broadcaster networks to choose from, with each one offering multiple plans containing their own channels.  

Star: 72 channel plans; starting at Rs. 29.50 per month

Zee:  82 channel plans; starting at Rs. 11.8 per month

Sony: 28 channel plans; starting at Rs. 14.16 per month

TV18 (Colors): 50 channel plans; starting at Rs. 9 per month

Sun: 26 channel plans; starting at Rs. 23.60 per month

Disney: 4 channel plans; starting at Rs. 4.72 per month

Times: 4 channel plans; starting at Rs. 5.90 per month

NDTV: 6 channel plans; starting at Rs. 2.95 per month

TV Today: 4 channel plans; starting at Rs. 0.59 per month

ETV: 1 channel plan priced at Rs. 28.32 per month

Raj TV: 2 channel plans; starting at Rs. 5.77 per month

JayaTV: 1 channel plan priced at Rs. 12.39 per month

Silverstar Communications Ltd.: 3 channel plans; starting at Rs. 3.89 per month 

Odisha Televisions: 1 channel plan priced at Rs. 18.05 per month

Discovery: 12 channel plans; starting at Rs. 7.08 per month

Tuner: 4 channel plans; starting at Rs. 5.015 per month


The Channels section is where you can see the entire catalogue and handpick channels across 24 different categories such as English movies, music, and Hindi news among others, and pay for each channel individually. It is worth mentioning here that some channels are free-to-air, which means subscribers can add them to their channel library without having to pay for them. 

Tata Sky Flexi Annual Plan 

Tata Sky recently introduced the Flexi Annual Plan, which offers an additional month of free subscription to all eligible users that will be credited in their account at the end of their 12 months tenure. As part of the Flexi Annual Plan, subscribers can modify their channel pack at any point of time. For more instructions, check out our how-to article on how you can choose packages from Airtel, Tata Sky, Dish TV, D2h, and other service providers. 

Source- NDTV 


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