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Electronic Gadget which can Translate 40 Languages

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

The World is very small. A Globe with more than 200 countries with different languages and different dresses, cultures but all are human beings. To communicate with each other a person should know a language. But it is difficult to learn any language with the proper ascent and feeling. But an electronic gadget has made it easy to translate as many as 40 languages. 

World Translator is created in Japan: a country with advanced technology, best robots and best voice technology. Although this is a small device, yet it is very powerful and easy to use...

All you need to do is choose the language in which you want to communicate. Then click the "A" button and start talking.

Release the "A" button and your instant translator World Translator  will automatically translate what you just said into the selected language.

Press the second button "B" button - let your foreign friend speak. Then release the "B" button and your instant translator World Translator automatically translate what he or she says in your native language.

Languages which are preinstalled

It is possible to communicate in more than forty languages through the world translator. For fast and accurate translation, including the conversations which is necessary with the strangers. Hence, the gadget works both ways ! Because all the supportive languages are interchangeable. 

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