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 First Time in 75 Years,  Republic Day Parade to Begin Late Than Scheduled Time

For the first time in 75 years, the Republic Day parade will not begin at the scheduled time of 10 am but will be delayed by 30 minutes to pay tribute to the COVID-19 restrictions and the security personnel of Jammu and Kashmir.

Ayushi Raina
Republic Day Parade
Republic Day Parade

Delhi Republic Day Parade Update: For the first time in 75 years, the Republic Day parade will begin 30 minutes later than anticipated due to COVID-19 restrictions and a tribute to Jammu and Kashmir security personnel.

Many people including the farming community eagerly wait for the republic day parade in Delhi.

According to a senior police official, the Republic Day parade used to begin at 10 a.m. every year, but it will begin at 10.30 a.m. this year. 

He further stated that the delay is due to COVID-19-related constraints, and that before the parade begins, homage would be paid to security personnel who lost their life in Jammu and Kashmir

"The parade ceremony will be 90-minute-long like last year, will run 90 minutes, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi visiting the National War Memorial near India Gate. Contingents will march past later. During the parade, tableaus symbolizing cultural diversity, social and economic advancement will be shown "He continued. 

The officer added that Tableaus will go till Red Fort and will be parked over there for public display but marching contingents will stop at National Stadium. 

Artists participating in Republic Day cultural events are not permitted to meet anybody due to COVID-19-related limitations. He stated that they travel in sanitized vehicles and are kept segregated to avoid getting infected. 

"Homage will be paid to security personnel of Jammu and Kashmir Police who lost their lives in the line of duty," he added. 

Amid rising COVID-19 cases in India, the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Defence and other concerned Ministries on Tuesday held a joint meeting to discuss Republic Day festivities on January 26, Wednesday. At the conference, it was decided that celebrations in 2022 would be held under tighter restrictions than those imposed in 2021, with the prospect of further limiting the number of guests permitted to witness the parade. 

According to an individual familiar with the situation, "The parade route will be shorter this year, as it was last year. Instead of the Red Fort, the marching contingent will finish at the India Gate C-Hexagon. The Rajpath, which has been renovated as part of Central Vista, has been opened between Vijay Chowk and India Gate for rehearsals of the contingent that will participate in the Republic Day Parade in 2022." 

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