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Fourth FTB Mahotsav to be held on 6 December2020; Let the World know Your Brand

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

Farming is considered as the primary occupation in India which is highly dependent on agriculture. But still, it is considered as the most underestimated occupation.Agriculture is the backbone for any country, not only in words, but in reality. But another harsh reality is that despite their huge contribution towards economy, farmers are often neglected and hardly rewarded with what they deserve.

Though government announced several agricultural reforms and introduced new farm laws which has invited intensifying protest against the government. Many farmers have welcomed the agri reforms but thousand others are opposing it. This is the reason why thousands of farmers have come to the street for their rights to get the minimum support price. Hence, it's time to do something for the Annadatta (farmers).  And farmers will also have to do something for themselves…!!

What's the Solution?

Starting from what problems are faced by farmers and what we can do for them. More than that, we need to analyze the real issues faced by the farmers and how we can help them solve those problems. 

According to a survey, it was found that the main problem that most of the farmers face is the proper marketing of their produce. If this issue is solved, half of the problems will be solved automatically.

This is the issue that rural Indian farmers are still facing. Many farmers are not able to find the proper source, location for agricultural marketing. And they need to sell their crops at lower rates because of this. And fixer middlemen earn all the profit and farmers suffer. The reason for this is the absence of an organized marketing structure. To save farmers all this, Government came with regulated markets. These markets use the system of competitive buying and ensure that farmers are not subjected to exploitation and receive lucrative prices for their goods. But still, this issue needs to be worked upon more.

Why You Need to Join FTB Mohatsab?

Analysing these issues, Krishi Jagran has started a program #FTB "Farmer the Brand" to give a platform to the farmers to market and showcase their products without depending on the middlemen. After the grand success of #FTB Facebook live series, we started 'FTB Mahotsav' wherein 10 well-established farmers share their success mantras. Till now many farmers have joined the 'FTB Mahotsav'and promoted their own brand. Moreover, theyhave inspiredmany other farmers by guiding and teaching them how to think out of the box and grow with farming profession.

The fourth grand 'FTB Mahotsav’ will be held on 6 December 2020. Farmers who would speak in the coming Mahotsav are;

  • Aneesh Anchal

  • Manoj bhatt

  • Biradhar Veer Shetty Patil

  • Tom Kiron Davis

  • Narayanareddy

  • Bijaya Kumar Bir

  • Balu Pandurang Mote

  • Bittupam Duta

  • Gurdial Singh

  • Sudhanshu Kumar

Those who are interested in joining this mega Mahostav can register through this link - https://bit.ly/3hlHzSY

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