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From LPG Prices to Train Timings; Here’s Six Major Changes in India from December 1

Pritam Kashyap
Pritam Kashyap
From LPG Prices to Train Timings; Here’s Six Major Changes in India from December 1

Many rules are changing across the country from 1 December 2020 which will directly affect the common man. So you must know those rules so that you can manage things accordingly. 

PNB changes the rules for withdrawing money from ATMs: 

Punjab National Bank (PNB) has changed the rules for withdrawing money in ATMs from December 1. According to PNB customers, OTP will be sent while withdrawing money. Customers will have to enter OTP in the ATM. 

However, this rule will be applicable for withdrawals of more than 10000. Therefore, PNB customers are advised to take their mobile number with them from December 1, so that they can register it in the ATM when the OTP arrives. PNB has also sent a message to all customers about the new rule. 

Gas cylinders price: 

Government oil companies fix the price of LPG cylinder on the first date of every month. Therefore, it is believed that from 1 December gas cylinders can be expensive. Because earlier oil companies had increased the price of commercial cylinders. 

Now the insurance policy will not be closed if you do not pay the instalment: 

Most people have lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus infection. Because of which they are unable to pay the insurance policy instalments on time. At the same time, there are many times that due to high expenditure; people are not able to fill the policy at the right time. In such a situation, their policy stops. With this, their accumulated money is also trapped. That is why insurance companies have changed it. According to which now after 5 years, the insured can reduce the premium amount by 50%. That is, he can continue the policy with half the instalment only. 

New Trains: 

After the lockdown, Indian Railways is now operating trains slowly. In this sequence, some more trains are also being run from 1 December. These include Jhelum Express and Punjab Mail. Both of these will be run under the General category from 1 December 01077/78 Pune-Jammuutvi Pune Jhelum Special and 02137/38 Mumbai Ferozepur Punjab Mail Special will run daily. 

RTGS 24 x7 days: 

The rules of Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) will also change from December 1. After which customers will be able to use this facility 24 hours. Let us tell you that in this regard, the Reserve Bank of India had already issued a notification. 

New trains timings from December 1:  

1- Gorakhpur-Hisar Superfast train (02555) will leave Gorakhpur at 4.35 pm and reach Hisar at 10 am the next day.  

2- Hisar-Gorakhpur Superfast train (02556) will run from Hisar at 5 pm and reach Gorakhpur at 9.45 am the next day. 

3- Anand Vihar-Gorakhpur-Humsafar Express (02572) train will leave Anand Vihar at 8 pm and reach Gorakhpur at 9.30 am.  

4- The E-Delhi-Manduadih Superfast (02560) train will depart from New Delhi at 8.05 pm and reach Manduadih at 6.25 am.  

5- Manduadih-New Delhi Superfast (02559) train will run at 10.15 pm and reach New Delhi at 8.25 am.  

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