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How can China help PM Modi meet his biggest pre-poll Challenge?

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

A few days back, Congress chief, Rahul Gandhi had criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for shortage of jobs as India was not manufacturing enough whereas Beijing had no jobs problem because it is a manufacturing giant.

Now, Global Times, a Chinese state media outlet has said that Beijing can help Indian Prime Minister create more jobs in the country. As per the report, PM Modi is facing growing dissatisfaction because of scarcity of jobs, which is not a good news for the neighboring ally China because Beijing wants the Indian PM to have better control of the country.

The report says, "More than 1 year after the military argument in Doklam, which plunged India-China relations to their lowest point in decades, mutual ties are on the upswing. India has a weak government and varied population. We hope PM Modi can improve his public standing so that he can consolidate enough power to push forward reform and Sino-India economic collaboration as bilateral relations warm up". 

Further the report asks how the Indian PM can improve his image and then recommends the solution to it, Chinese investment in India.

The report also says, "It looks as if India has a dilemma - If New Delhi confines Chinese investment, the move will unavoidably reduce job opportunities for the young generation. China's investment in India is primarily focused on labor-intensive sectors like building smartphone plants. Beijing is facing a boom in outbound investment as its labor cost advantage minimizes. If India can make itself an attractive destination for Chinese investment, this will support employment in the South Asian country”.

The report also mentions that the Modi government needs good news in terms of job growth prior to the upcoming general election and inviting more Chinese investment will definitely help with that.

It says, "Encouraging Chinese firms to invest in India's labor-intensive industries will help in achieving this goal. In addition the rapid growth in Chinese investment will help consolidate Modi's political status before the general election".

Source – Economic Times

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