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IMD Issues Orange Alert in Many States Including Kerala Today; Fishermen Warned

Six districts in Kerala are likely to receive a spell of heavy to very heavy rainfall on Friday. The India Meteorological Department has issued an orange alert in Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha, Kottayam, and Idukki districts for October 29.

Ayushi Raina
Heavy rains in kerala

On Friday, six districts in Kerala are expected to witness heavy to extremely severe rains. The India Meteorological Department has issued an orange alert for today in the districts of Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha, Kottayam, and Idukki.

The severe rain is expected to last until Sunday, October 31, as a result of two low-pressure zones that developed over the Arabian Sea and the central section of the South Bay of Bengal. 

According to the IMD, a low-pressure system has formed over the central parts of the South Bay of Bengal, with cyclonic circulation extending up to 5.8 km above mean sea level. 

It is expected to continue westward in the next few days. This is the fifth time in October that low pressure has formed over the Bay of Bengal. 

Furthermore, a depression has formed over the Arabian Sea. The IMD has predicted heavy rainfall and thunderstorms throughout Kerala between October 27 and October 31 due to the effect of these two low-pressure systems. (A depression is a low-pressure region.) 

A trough has been observed that extends from the southeastern Arabian Sea off the coast of Kerala to the central-eastern Arabian Sea near the coast of Karnataka.

In certain areas of Kerala, strong winds of up to 40 kmph are expected, according to the IMD.

When severe to very heavy rainfall (115.6-204.4mm) is forecast, an orange alert is issued, and when heavy rain (64.5-115.5mm) is expected, a yellow alert is issued.

Fisherfolk Warning 

From October 29 to October 31, fishermen are urged not to go out to sea. On the 27th and 28th of October, tides of 2 to 3 metres are expected to pound the Kerala coast. 

On certain days, the Kerala State Disaster Management Authority (KSDMA) has advised residents residing near the seashore to relocate to safer areas. It has also urged that fishing vessels and boats be safely moored at harbours.

In the next few days, people are warned not to visit beaches or seashores.

Kerala has been hit by a succession of landslides and floods in recent weeks as a result of the region's constant rainfall. Rain-related disasters have claimed the lives of 42 people throughout the state, including two severe landslides in Kottayam's Koottickal and Idukki's Kokkayar.

At least 90 houses were demolished and nearly 700 were partially damaged, according to the KSDMA.

Experts link the catastrophic weather occurrences to a variety of factors, including sea-level rise, unabated development destroying land and waterbodies, and the monsoon's delayed retreat.

Simultaneously, rains from the northeast monsoon (known locally as Thulavarsham) began to fall across southeast Peninsular India, bringing rain to Tamil Nadu. 

Kerala has already gotten more rain than it usually receives from October 1 to December 31. 

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