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ISMA conference took flight

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Jointly organized by S&P Global Platts and Indian Sugar Mills Association, the 8th Annual Kingsman Asia Sugar Conference took place in New Delhi, India this September 7-8, 2017.Network with over 250 millers, traders and refiners from across Asia and the globe got a deeper understanding of how global sugar markets are evolving in light of new policies, and dive deep into the impact of macro and micro factors affecting the supply/demand outlook in key markets around the world.

In this conference, starting with the increase in production till the product manufacturing the whole series of events were discussed. Many renowned names associated with the sector were seen here. Here, the various policies for the industry were discussed. How to increase the production of sugar, was one of the major motives of the conference. It was also taken into discussion that how many suppliers of sugar are there in the world, the demand which is there in the market, and the difference between the supply and the demand.

Jose Orive, Executive Director of International Sugar Organization and Shri Sanjay, Principal Secretary, Sugarcane development and sugar Industry, Uttar Pradesh discussed about the policy framework which is there in  the country. The president of ISMA, T Saritha Reddy etc were also present in the program. The discussion of the event widened keeping in focus the production, consumption and trade of sugar in the country and the world.

Brazil is number one sugarcane growing country in the world while India ranks second in sugarcane production. Out of total 179.3million tonnes (mt) sugar, Brazil and India  have the lion share in the world sugar production. Brazil also produces bio-fuel from sugarcane. It tops in bio-fuel production in the world. Ethanol production from Sugarcane molasses is also a very important by product which is used extensively in the industry as an additive in the fuels, which again highlights the importance of this crop.

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