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ISS to present Sugandhasree and Sugandha Bharathi awards during SYMSAC X 2021

Chintu Das
Chintu Das

The Indian Society for Spices (ISS) will present the Sugandhasree and Sugandha Bharathi awards during SYMSAC-2021, a global Symposium on Spices and Aromatic Crops.

PN Ravindran, famous breeder of plant, writer and author, most popular for his commitments in the field of spices exploration, improvement and documentation has been chosen for the Sugandha Bharathi award. 

He is the former director and project leader of the IISR and a renowned researcher who has published spice-related books for several foreign publishers. 

ISS has been respecting extraordinary people in the field of spices innovative work with Sugandha Bharathi award every 4 years. The winners are chosen for their lifetime commitment for the turn of events and improvement of spices, fragrant yields and medicinal plants. The honor comprises of a gold award and a citation. 

For the Sugandhasree awards, ISS chosen T Joseph, a nutmeg farmer from Kottayam, to honour his inventions in spicy crops for increased income and prosperity. Joseph, a former Reality employee, engaged in intercrop farming while concentrating on nutmeg. Every 2 years, the ISS presents this award to encourage the inventions of farmers. 

The awards will be given by the ISS at the 4-day International Symposium at the IISR scheduled for 9 to 12 February. 

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