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KISAN Hyderabad 2024: Telangana's Agri Minister Nageswara Rao Inaugurates 3-Day Expo

Telangana's Agriculture Minister Nageswara Rao inaugurated the 3-day event, uniting agriculture stakeholders and showcasing cutting-edge advancements.

KJ Staff
Telangana's Agriculture Minister Rao lauded KISAN Hyderabad as an innovative initiative. (Picture Courtesy: X)
Telangana's Agriculture Minister Rao lauded KISAN Hyderabad as an innovative initiative. (Picture Courtesy: X)

Telangana's Minister for Agriculture, Thummala Nageswara Rao, inaugurated the 2nd Edition of KISAN Agri Show 2024 On February 1, 2024. The grand event, titled KISAN Hyderabad 2024, has firmly established itself as Telangana's largest agricultural exposition, converging industry leaders, policymakers, professionals, and farmers at the HITEX Exhibition Center from February 1 to 3, 2024. Focused on highlighting the latest agricultural innovations, the show aims to foster crucial dialogues for the sustainable development of the state's agricultural sector.

KISAN Hyderabad Innovative Initiative

Minister Rao lauded KISAN Hyderabad as an innovative initiative that successfully united diverse stakeholders in the agriculture sector. He emphasised that the event not only serves as a showcase for innovations but also provides a platform for essential conversations crucial for the sustainable growth of the agricultural sector in the state.

KISAN Hyderabad Showcases Cutting-edge Agriculture

The three-day event is dedicated to displaying the latest advancements in agriculture, offering a comprehensive platform for exhibitors from various sectors within the industry. Covering an extensive range of products and services, the exhibition includes farm machinery, tractors, implements, water and irrigation solutions, plasticulture, IoT-driven tools and machines, innovations and start-ups in agriculture, contract farming solutions, agriculture inputs, protected cultivation technologies, mobile apps for agriculture, and custom clearance services.

Industry Participation and Expectations

With over 140 exhibitors, ranging from industry leaders to innovative start-ups, the exhibition spans across a sprawling 12,000 sq m area. Anticipated to connect over 140 companies with approximately 20,000 visitors from Telangana and neighboring states, KISAN Hyderabad 2024 stands as a crucial networking and business opportunity for all stakeholders in the agricultural domain.

Comprehensive Knowledge Sessions for Farmers

Simultaneously, the Telangana Horticulture Officers Association is hosting a concurrent conference, offering knowledge sessions tailored for farmers. The event boasts a comprehensive exhibition, informative seminars, and interactive sessions, providing attendees with the chance to explore the latest advancements, products, and services in the agricultural sector. The presence of officials from the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Horticulture further underscores the significance of this agricultural extravaganza.

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