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Know How PUSA BIO-DECOMPOSER is Helpful in Controlling Stubble Burning

Abhijeet Banerjee
Abhijeet Banerjee

Rise in Air pollution in Delhi and NCR territory, arising from stubble burning, had been a matter of concern every year. On the back of ongoing Pandemic, which is not going away so soon since no successful vaccination method has been developed yet, the situation has turned quite alarming for the governments this year. According to a study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology last year, respiratory ailments related with crop residue burning in North India, results in an estimated economic loss of over $30 billion or approximately 2 lakh crore annually. Therefore with Scientists at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Pusa coming out with the
“Pusa bio-decomposer”, it can be considered as a notable achievement by these scientists in resolving problems associated with the stubble burning. Now let us know how this bio-decomposer functions.

The Bio-Decomposer or the microbial solution has the property of decomposing the crop residue and turn it into manure when sprayed in the fields. The decomposers are in form of capsules made by extracting fungi strains, which can produce the essential enzymes for the degradation process. Eventually these fungi strains help the paddy straw to decompose at a faster pace than the usual rate. The “Bio-Decomposer” capsules are first used to prepare a liquid solution, which is then sprayed in fields. According to the scientists, it decomposes crop residue and converts it into manure. In one hectare land, the scientists recommend mixing four such capsules with a liquid solution made of gram flour and jiggery and finally spraying it over the land. This mixture, as per reports softens the hard straw and transforms it into manure. This process eliminates the need to burn the stubble, also making the soil more fertile. This is because the stubble works as manure and compost for the crops, involving lesser consumption fertilizers in future.

On experimental note the 'Pusa bio-decomposer' was earlier sprayed free of cost in non-basmati rice fields in Hiranki village in Narela and the results have been successful till now. It has completely decomposed the stubble and turned it into manure. The Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal expects that the Bio-decomposer in near future can be used extensively in Agricultural lands of Haryana and Punjab in case the experiment works successfully in Delhi this year. Therefore in coming months it will be important to evaluate the result of this microbial solution on the rice fields of Delhi. It is an efficient and effective, cheaper, practically workable technique to curb stubble burning. It is also an eco-friendly and environmentally useful technology therefore remains aligned towards the Government’s objectives, classified under the “ Swachh Bharat Mission”.

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