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Krishi Jagran Welcomes AIC Manager Vandana Chawla and Team

Krishi Jagran on Thursday invited the Manager of the Agriculture Insurance Company (AIC), Vandana Chawla, and deputy manager, Harpreet Singh to understand how they mitigate problems that occur with crop cultivation with their insurance plans.

Aysha Anam

Agriculture Insurance Company, AIC, Manager, Vandana Chawla, and deputy manager, Harpreet Singh, on Thursday, visited the KJ Chaupal at Krishi Jagran's head office in Delhi. AIC provides crop insurance with an authorised share capital of Rs 15 billion. The Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Krishi Jagran, MC Dominic, welcomed them saying, "Yesterday, we had a renowned face from the banking sector, today, we have an influential team from the insurance sector." Appreciating the work done by AIC, he said, "We are with those who help the farmers".

AIC was incorporated under the Indian Companies Act 1956 on 20th December 2002 and commenced business from 1st April 2003. The rationale behind establishing AIC started when "the union government brought in this idea, while the farmers were committing suicide in the country," AIC, Manager, Vandana Chawla, says.

The role and function of AIC are "to mitigate the loss of farmers as well as bankers to recover their loan amount," she adds. AIC looks after issues related to animal husbandry, livestock, and fisheries. "We do not merely think about our benefits but of farmers," she added.

Praising the team and company of Krishi Jagran, Ms Chawla said, "Krishi jagran is a catalyst which has compelled all other magazines to include agriculture in their segment."

Although people generally do not easily understand the concept of crop insurance, we are sure that with our collaboration with Krishi Jagran will make communications smooth, deputy manager, Harpreet Singh, said.

All in all, it was an eventful gathering with mutual admiration for one another. Ms. Chawla noticed the ambiance of Krishi Jagran's office building and praised by saying, "Your work environment signifies that you people work for agriculture, i.e. krishi"

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