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Looking for Admission in DU: Now Students Have to Plant a Tree & Ensure its Survival

Chintu Das
Chintu Das
Delhi University

Delhi University has launched a one-of-a-kind campaign to boost greenery across the country beginning this year. Any student applying for a course in DU will be required to plant a tree and submit a photograph of it to the institution. 

Usually any campaign concludes with the planting of trees in all Indian projects, but this time it has gone a step further. 

A student must do more than just plant a tree and take a picture 

When applying for admission in DU, a photograph of a tree being planted has to be shared. It will then be geo-tagged. 

When the student is ready to get his or her diploma after completing the course, he or she will be required to show documentation that the tree is safe. 

What the DU Vice Chancellor said 

“We reached a judgment on this last week,” Professor VC Joshi, Acting Vice Chancellor of Delhi University, told. The University's Center for Himalayan Studies will assist in the implementation of this program." "Students will be required to do more than just plant trees. The focus will be on the trees' long-term survival," he added. 

"For this, different institutions and departments will be assigned the task of updating the information of trees planted every six months by picture and geo-tagging," the VC added. 

Delhi University has launched a unique green initiative 

The notion of implementing such an unique scheme came to Delhi University's mind because the institution has a distinct character not only in the country but also throughout the world, according to them. 

Every pupil has been assigned the task of planting trees and ensuring their safety. 

In any climate, students may grow trees. 

“Students may plant these plants anywhere,” Professor Joshi stated. If someone arrives from a hilly region, plant trees that are suited to the environment."

"Similarly, students in coastal and arid locations can grow trees or plants appropriate to their surroundings. But the only stipulation would be that when he arrives to get his degree, that tree must be secure," he explained. 

What happens if the tree doesn't make it to graduation? 

“In such a circumstance, students would have to report if the tree was unable to live owing to a natural catastrophe or for some other reason,” Prof Joshi added. 

The goal is to enhance the country's green cover, which is now less than 10% and pales in comparison to many other countries.  If this green initiative succeeds, it may be adopted by other educational institutions. 

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