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Moringa Tea - Multivitamin Tea, the healthiest choice in this Covid-19 Pandemic

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Moringa Tea
Moringa Tea

The Moringa leaf tea is one of the best Value added product from Moringa says Ranjith Kumar from AVKR Moringa Promise Wellness, an organic farm in Cumbum Valley. The Tea made from Moringa ODC 3 variety is found to be an elixir drinks and is already being served in coffee bars across major Indian cities vis a vis International megapolis like NewYork, California, Texas, Washington, Tokyo etc.

Moringa Tea as a multivitamin beverage and is  liked by coffee lovers who hang out with friends in coffee day Cafe. The demand for MLT is growing in business volume day by day and women folk relish on this multivitamin drinks for its piquant taste and energy boost . 

Ancient Maurian warriors of India were fed with Moringa Leaf Juice in warfront for mental alertness and relief from stress and pain and exhaustion and these warriors were believed to have defeated Alexander the Great.  

Several manufacturers are zeroing in on the trend on having Moringa tea as their choicest item for sale and are also cashing in on the trend. It’s a choice among the current generation as most of them are health freaks. 

Pak News says India encased on Superfood value of Moringa in International Market to earn billions of dollars as foreign exchange while majority of Indian farmers are still oblivious to this fact. Naturally produced Moringa leaf tea, either pure green tea or blend in pepper/other spices and salt, has a great push in the market, especially against the threat of Covid19. Potential yield of fresh Moringa leaf biomass is as high as 200 MT per acre that is processed into 40 MT of dry powder. 

Information Courtesy- Ramu Thampalaya Gowder, Department of Agriculture, Tamilnadu.

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