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Now Get Unique Smart Composite LPG Cylinders for Just Rs 368, Check How to Book & Other Details Here

These smart composite LPG cylinders are all the rage in Patna and soon they will be available in all major cities of Bihar. Continue reading the article to learn how to book and other details here.

Binita Kumari
Smart Composite LPG Cylinders
Smart Composite LPG Cylinders

The people of Patna are preferring smart composite LPG cylinders over conventional gas cylinders. It is lighter, safer, and more attractive to look at than the conventional cylinder. The demand and availability of this particular type of cylinder are gradually increasing in the city. When IOC launched it in September, it was available only in five agencies. Now it has reached 20 LPG agencies.

The number of consumers who have taken transparent cylinders has also crossed 100. As the quantity of gas left in the cylinder is visible from the outside, it lets you know before the gas runs out. Being lightweight, it is also quite easy to carry around, and keeping it in the house gives a special feeling.

Features of Composite Cylinder

The specialty of the composite cylinder is that some part of it is transparent. This shows how much gas is in the cylinder and the consumer can take another cylinder before the gas runs out. 

DGM, LPG-Sales, Bihar State Office, IOC Sarvesh Sinha said that now 20 LPG agencies in Patna have got composite cylinders. So far a total of 110 consumers have taken its connection. He said that it would also be started in Bhagalpur, Muzaffarpur, Gaya, and Begusarai in a systematic manner. These smart composite cylinders are expected to be available to all gas agencies in Patna by the end of the year.

So far, these transparent composite cylinders have reached 110 houses in Patna. Currently, it is only available in Patna in Bihar. Ramnaresh Sinha, general secretary of Bihar LPG Distributors Association, said that there are 67 LPG agencies in Patna and the number of customers is about five lakhs. 

Cost of composite cylinder

This composite cylinder is available in two types: 5 kg and 10 kg LPG. The 10 kg composite cylinder currently costs Rs 703 while the 5 kg cylinder costs Rs 368.

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