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On Mother’s Day, Let’s Pay Our Respect to “Dharti Maa”

Shipra Singh
Shipra Singh
Dharti maa (Mother Earth)

This Mother’s Day, let’s do something completely different. Let’s pay respect to our Mother Earth while we pay our respects to our own mother this day.  

So, while you cook a special dish for your mother on Mother’s Day 2021, or maybe order an online gift, here are a few different things to do on this day. 

Remember nature. She is our mother too. We say Mother Nature. Mother’s Day is the best day to do something for Mother Nature too.  

Here are a few ideas for Mother’s Day 2021: 

  • Have a walk in a park or anywhere that has lots of trees, plants, and greenery. Spend some time with Mother Nature.  

  • Plant a sapling.  

  • Walk barefoot on grass. Connect with Mother Nature.  

  • Wake up early (we know it’s a Sunday, but summer mornings are fantastic!). Listen to the chirping birds. Let the cool morning breeze caress you lovingly. Watch the sun rise. Nature always amazes you.  

  • Spend some time with animals. Feed a stray dog. Feed birds. These are all children of our Mother Nature.  

Farmers know how to celebrate Mother’s Day 

One of the characteristics of Indian farmers is that they consider their land as “dharti maa” (Mother Earth). A typical farmer respects his or her land because they know it is the “dharti maa” who produces bumper harvest of crops for them. They tend to their land and care for them as they do for their human mother.  

There were days when farmers could not part with their land. It pained them. For them, it was everything. It fed them; it took care of their family. How could they sell it?  

When we talk of agriculture, we cannot talk of land as just land. We ought to have a connection. If we do not respect Mother Earth and the wonders of Mother Nature that produces such a vast variety of crops for us, we are doomed.  

So, this Mother’s Day, pay respect to Mother Nature. If you own agricultural land and are into farming, pay respect to your land, as this is fertile land that produces new life – crops loaded with nutrients and a promise to feed people and maintain their health.  

Happy Mother’s Day! 

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