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Our Next Aim is to Take Indian Agrochemical Industries to Global Level: Pradip Dave, President PMFAI

PMFAI recently hosted India's largest Agri Inputs Trade Summit (includes, Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides, pesticide and intermediate (solvents, Surfactants, intermediates, etc.), fertilizer, agrochemical packaging, seeds) in Le Meridien Hotels & Conference Centre, Airport Road, Dubai-UAE.

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Pradeep Dave, President, PMFAI
Pradeep Dave, President, PMFAI

Pesticides Manufacturers & Formulators Association of India (PMFAI) recently hosted India's largest Agri Inputs Trade Summit (includes, Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides, pesticide and intermediate (solvents, Surfactants, intermediates, etc.), fertilizer, agrochemical packaging, seeds) in Le Meridien Hotels & Conference Centre, Airport Road, Dubai-UAE.  

The conference was attended by a large number of dignitaries, participants, and guests, including Pradip Dave -President PMFAI & Chairman Aimco Pesticides Ltd. 

Founder & Editor-In-Chief, M.C. Dominic of Krishi Jagran & Agriculture World met with the Man behind this big event, Pradip Dave -President PMFAI & Chairman Aimco Pesticides Ltd. M.C. Dominic praised Mr. Dave for organizing huge global event in Dubai.

MC Dominic - What motivated you to go for this event during pandemic?

Dave - “The whole inspiration I got was from the time when I used to attend this in Brighten (British Crop Protection Conference & Exhibition) in 70s, 80s and 90s. I attended it for many years. That time it was organized by British Crop Protection Conference & Exhibition and all multi-national from Europe & USA used to attend this, India was just beginning with Agro-Chemical & Pesticides and I used to watch all these activities and thought, why not we are doing it.  

Then in 1997 PMFAI, I made one small effort by organizing International Crop-Science Conference & Exhibition in Bombay and it was a Big Success. All the global buyers, who didn’t know India’s capacity in manufacturing, trading etc., came to know about it. And when we organized this conference, there were many global buyers, traders & manufactures have attended it. They stayed in India for 2-3 days and went to see our manufacturing sites, factories. They saw all the arrangements of quality control, productions & other things and got confidence on us. And, that’s how it started, he added. 

“After this, we organized this conference every year, we organized last one ICIC21 in Hyatt, Gurgaon, it was a Big Success” 

There was another world conference, CSE, in March 2022 but we could not do it because of Covid-19 was out-of-control in China. At, that time I thought, when these people are unable to do then let us take initiative and make one platform for everyone.  So, we decided to do this in Dubai. No doubt, when we announced this, there were a lot of negative opinions within our associations also, people were questioning. That time, I said that WE ARE Just GOING TO Do THIS! We have done it 21 times & we got success, there’s nothing that could fail us. 

We started working hard, and today, I’m very happy! As, there are many companies, delegates, sponsors who came to this conference. They say, Mr. Dave, you took us out, strengthened our confidence that now we can move around. 

In business, there are lots of ways to do interaction but nothing can beat the communication that we do personally. The confidence of the buyer & seller is much bigger, they get overwhelmed, they decide their purchasing and manufacturing plan of months. That is what the face-to-face interaction does.   

MC Dominic - What will be the Objective of PMFAI in the coming years? 

Dave - From last 5-10 years we are doing this, foreign buyers, manufactures come to India and they interact with my manufacturing members. Every year there is a joint venture between India Pesticide Company & Japan, Germany and there are many multi-national companies that joined us.  

Since last 2 years 6-7 Japanese companies joined our venture. So, all I want to say is that people are already looking forward, and every year there is a lot that can be done. Joint venture with more than 20-30 agro-chemical companies is what I aim.

MC Dominic - There are many associations, even those, who were leading in India, are just fading away, but you are growing strong with strength, how?

Dave - It’s a very good question! Let me tell you that we are working for Indian Agro-Chemical Industries, there are associations bigger than PMFAI, such as FICCI, CII & others. But they are only interested in making their image, sitting with Prime Minister at the Budget and they have big players, their member, but they are not promoting any industrial activities.  

Here we are only promoting Indian Agro-Chemical & Pesticide Industries. They have their own agenda, the multi-nationals are on board on various activities and they don’t allow Indian Industries, and that too manufacturing sector to come-up. They want the India to be exporter of readymade products whether it is, pesticides, pharma or anything, they only want us to buy a readymade material. They don’t want India to start manufacturing. This is the difference between PMFAI & other big associations.  

The next objective of PMFAI is to Take Industry to global level, and for that we have already started the work.   

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