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PM Modi Inaugurates Iconic New Parliament Building, Calling It ‘Cradle of Empowerment’

As the nation looks forward to the legislative sessions to be held within these hallowed halls, the new Parliament building stands as an iconic testament to India's democratic spirit, fostering an environment that encourages dialogue, inclusivity, and the pursuit of collective progress.

Shivam Dwivedi
PM Modi Inaugurates Iconic New Parliament Building, Calling It ‘Cradle of Empowerment’ (Photo Source: Narendra Modi Twitter)
PM Modi Inaugurates Iconic New Parliament Building, Calling It ‘Cradle of Empowerment’ (Photo Source: Narendra Modi Twitter)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated India's new Parliament building today. PM Modi, dressed in traditional attire, performed a sacred ceremony, the "Ganapati Homam," alongside Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, ushering in a new chapter in the country's political scene.

The event was attended by several esteemed dignitaries, including Union Ministers Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh, S Jaishankar, and BJP national president JP Nadda.

Prior to the inauguration, Prime Minister Modi sought blessings from high priests of various Adheenams in Tamil Nadu, paying homage to the rich cultural diversity of the country. As a symbolic gesture, he installed the revered 'Sengol' spectre near the Lok Sabha Speaker's chair within the new Parliament building. The prime minister also unveiled a commemorative plaque, recognizing the relentless efforts of the workers who contributed to the construction of the new edifice.

The new Parliament building is a significant milestone in the ambitious Central Vista project, which commenced in 2019. With an estimated cost of Rs 1,200 crore, the magnificently designed structure spans three storeys and boasts a sprawling built-up area of 64,500 square meters. The edifice stands as a testament to India's architectural prowess and serves as a beacon of democracy, symbolizing the strength and unity of the nation.

During the inauguration ceremony, the Union Finance Ministry announced the launch of a special commemorative Rs 75 coin, celebrating the historic event of the new Parliament's opening. This gesture aims to honor the importance of this occasion in India's democratic journey.

The grand inauguration ceremony witnessed the arrival of prominent guests, adding to the significance of the moment. Among the attendees were National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, Union Minister Prahlad Patel, and former Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, who graced the occasion with their presence.

The new Parliament building not only offers enhanced amenities and technological advancements, but also emphasizes the government's commitment to providing a modern and efficient platform for lawmakers to engage in robust deliberations and shape the future of the nation.

With its architectural grandeur and state-of-the-art facilities, the new Parliament symbolizes the country's progressive vision and aspirations.

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