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PM Modi Launches Rs 1,800 Crore Agriculture Initiative and Inaugurates Rs 1,500 Crore Development Projects in J&K

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated and laid the foundation stone for multiple development projects worth over Rs 1,500 crores in Jammu & Kashmir, aiming to enhance infrastructure and boost agriculture.

Saurabh Shukla
PM Modi Launches Rs 1,800 Crore Agriculture Initiative and Inaugurates Rs 1,500 Crore Development Projects in J&K (Photo Source: @narendramodi/X)
PM Modi Launches Rs 1,800 Crore Agriculture Initiative and Inaugurates Rs 1,500 Crore Development Projects in J&K (Photo Source: @narendramodi/X)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the 'Empowering Youth, Transforming J&K' event at the Sher-i-Kashmir International Conference Centre (SKICC) on June 20, 2024. The event marked a significant step towards the development of Jammu & Kashmir, with the Prime Minister inaugurating and laying the foundation stone for numerous projects worth over Rs 1,500 crores. These projects span critical sectors such as road infrastructure, water supply, and higher education.

In a major push for agricultural development, PM Modi launched the Competitiveness Improvement in Agriculture and Allied Sectors Project (JKCIP) valued at Rs 1,800 crores. This project aims to benefit 300,000 households across 20 districts, positively impacting the livelihoods of around 1.5 million beneficiaries.

During the event, PM Modi also handed out employment letters to 200 new government recruits, underscoring the government's commitment to job creation in the region. He interacted with young achievers from the Union Territory, emphasizing the importance of youth empowerment in the transformation of Jammu & Kashmir.

In his address, He expressed his enthusiasm for visiting Jammu & Kashmir, citing the significance of inaugurating new development projects and meeting the people post the Lok Sabha elections. Reflecting on his recent trip to the G7 Summit in Italy, he highlighted the international community's positive perception of India's continuous governance.

"The aspirations of Indians are our biggest strength," said PM Modi. He emphasized that the current government's third consecutive term is crucial, as it reflects the people's trust in its performance and policies. He lauded the stability brought about by the recent electoral mandate, contrasting it with the instability of the 1990s when frequent elections hindered development.

He acknowledged the crucial role of Jammu & Kashmir's citizens in strengthening democracy. He praised the region's high voter turnout and expressed gratitude for their commitment to democratic principles. "We are witnessing Atal ji’s vision of Insaniyat, Jamhooriyat aur Kashmiriyat becoming a reality today," he remarked.

Highlighting the progress made in Jammu & Kashmir over the past decade, PM Modi noted the government's efforts to restore rights and opportunities to marginalized groups. Initiatives like the inclusion of various communities in the Scheduled Castes category and the implementation of OBC reservations in local elections were cited as key achievements.

"The transformation in Jammu & Kashmir is evident," said PM Modi, pointing to the increased tourism and improved infrastructure in the region. He recalled the sports car show near Dal Lake and the successful hosting of the G20 Summit as testaments to the region's progress. With over 2 crore tourists visiting, the local economy has seen significant growth.

He further stressed the importance of collective efforts in ensuring the benefits of democracy reach every citizen. He assured that preparations for the assembly elections are underway, with the goal of enabling the people of Jammu & Kashmir to elect their government soon.

Modi also praised the fast-paced recruitments in government jobs and noted the positive impact of massive investments in the region. He highlighted the development of thousands of kilometers of roads, new highways, expressways, and rail connectivity projects like the Chenab railway bridge.

Addressing the importance of skill development and sports, PM Modi mentioned the establishment of over 50-degree colleges and various polytechnics in the region. He emphasized the role of women in the region's development, citing initiatives like the Krishi Sakhi program and the Namo Drone Didi scheme aimed at increasing women's income and livelihood opportunities.

Concluding his address, PM Modi reaffirmed the government's commitment to peace and development in Jammu & Kashmir. He assured that recent terror incidents are being addressed with utmost seriousness and that the government will take all necessary measures to ensure the region's safety and progress.

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