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Rainfall & Strong Winds Flatten Crop in Ambala, Haryana

Due to the rainfall and strong winds in the district, the wheat crop was flattened in several areas. Farmers said they were already concerned about yield due to high temperatures, but now they face losses due to untimely rain & flattened crops.

Shivam Dwivedi
Untimely rains followed by high winds have flattened the wheat crop
Untimely rains followed by high winds have flattened the wheat crop

Not only wheat farmers, but also mustard farmers, are concerned about their mature crops. "The standing wheat crop in several acres has been flattened due to strong winds," said a farmer from Kurbanpur village. “My mustard crop was also harvested, but it was soaked by rain."

"I have seeded wheat on 35 acres, of which the crop on roughly 20 acres has flattened," said another farmer from Chaurmastpur village. Now we must wait for the weather to improve before determining the extent of agricultural damage."

"Untimely rains followed by high winds have flattened the wheat crop in various regions, and it will have a negative influence on the production," as per a farmer. “The rain will have an influence on the standing mustard and potato crops, as well as the sunflower seeding. The government should issue a girdawari decree and recompense the farmers for their losses."

"Cold weather conditions are essential for the wheat crop," said BKU spokesman Rakesh Bains. “The rain is beneficial to the wheat because it lowers the temperature, but the powerful gusts are cause for concern."

"The wheat crop is being cultivated on 87,000 hectares," stated Jasvinder Singh, Deputy Director of Agriculture. Mild rains are favourable to wheat, sugarcane, and other crops, but they may have an impact on mustard harvesting.”

The rain has aided in lowering the temperature. The crop will have enough time to grow, which will assist compensate for the damage caused by the high temperatures.

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