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Rubber Board Opens Incubation Center to Help Manufacturers Create Innovative Products

Rubber Board has opened Incubation Center to help entrepreneurs manufacture innovative products.

Shipra Singh
Rubber Board Executive Director K.N. Raghavan
Rubber Board Executive Director K.N. Raghavan

Rubber Board has established Rubber Products Incubation Center (RPIC) that will help manufacturers create innovative products from rubber. This will boost the rubber manufacturing industry and promise better returns to rubber growers.  

RPIC is grabbing attention among incubators with an increasing number of entrepreneurs are coming forward to register with this center.  

Rubber Board Executive Director K.N. Raghavan said that the incubation center endeavors to create a vibrant and strong manufacturing industry for rubber products. 

Examples of RPIC innovation 

The center has designed a cost-effective formula to manufacture household gloves from new raw materials. Another innovation is the substitution of root trainer cups made of plastic. These cups are used for growing rubber plants in nursery.  

An innovation that has been proposed is the manufacture of rubber tiles from nitrile gloves that have been discarded.  

Rubber plants pose as raw material for a slew of products, many of which we use in our everyday life.  

The Rubber Board has a call center. Rubber growers can contact the call center to get more knowledge about marking and tapping of rubber trees.  

Rubber Board’s initiative to open an incubation center comes at the right time when about 4000 registered non-tyre products are produced by the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise (MSME) sector of India. Non-registered units also fall under the same number. MSME sector of India is a major source of employment. Also, exports from MSME sector touched Rs.11,000 crores in 2019-20.  

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