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SAL Leaves as Face Mask in Mundigarh Village, Kandhamal,Orissa

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan

The recent outbreak of COVID 19, and amidst the rising cases and lockdown and the widespread public concern and anxiety about the supply of shortage of face masks amidst the hoarding of masks have all become difficult to handle in this crisis situation. The supply of public Masks N95 and also the surgical masks are expected to remain tight for a while until the specific companies who manufacture them  have been requested by the government to make them in a war like situation like this.

The Government is in a panic mode but they have been constantly facing the challenges and alwayshas been supportive enough to meet the challenges met within a country like India having the second highest population. It is quite easy to sit inside the homes and point fingers at the problems happening amidst the crisis. The supply of masks also are being met within with a multi-pronged approach.

As the Urban population still managed to buy and hoard whatever they could including the masks, as early as first week of March the rural population I wonder whether they have even heard of N95 Masks. Many of them are using hand kerchiefs plain cloths and even gunny clothes to leaves.

What attracted me among them were the Villagers in  Mundigarh locality under Tumudibandh block of Kandhamal district used Sal Leaves to make masks to protect themselves from COVID-19  instead of N95 reports Orissa Post. Mundigarh villagers have are prohibiting villagers to move in and out of the villages are putting awareness posters  appealing everyone to abide by lockdown rules and have also kept a bucket mug and soap on outskirts of the village reports Orissa Post.

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