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SBI Customers Alert! 5 Methods to Block Your SBI ATM-Cum-Debit Card

If your SBI debit card gets stolen or gets lost, you can make sure that no money is being drawn from your account. Use these methods to block your lost/stolen debit/ATM cards.

Kritika Madhukar
Make a formal request to have your lost or stolen card blocked at any SBI branch
Make a formal request to have your lost or stolen card blocked at any SBI branch

If a person loses his or her SBI ATM-cum-debit card, it's a smart option to get the card disabled so that no money is taken out of the account. Customers of the State Bank of India (SBI) can block their SBI ATM/debit card via phone calls, SMS, internet banking, and the SBI Quick mobile application.

You can block an SBI debit card in the following ways:


Send an SMS to 567676 from your registered mobile number with the text 'BLOCKspace>last four digits of the card'.

Via IVR system

  • Call on 1800 112 211 

  • Press 2 to block the SBI card.

  • To block the card, enter the last 5 digits of the account number.

  • Your card will be successfully blocked, and you will receive an SMS confirmation to your registered cellphone number.

Via SBI’s Online Portal

  • Use your username and password to log in to www.onlinesbi.com.

  • Under the "e-Services" menu, click the "ATM Card Services>Block ATM Card" option

  • Choose the account where you want to block your ATM or Debit Card.

  • A list of all active and blocked cards will be shown. The first four and last four digits of the card will be displayed.

  • Click "Submit" after selecting the Card you want to block. Verify and confirm the information.

  • Select SMS OTP or Profile Password as the means of authentication.

  • On the next screen, type in the OTP password/Profile password that you chose before and click "Confirm."

After successfully blocking your ATM or Debit Card, a success message with a Ticket No. will be shown. Make a mental note of this Ticket No. for future use. If you are unable to use these options, you can get your card banned at a bank location.

By Visiting Your Nearest SBI’s Branch

  • Make a formal request to have your lost or stolen card blocked at any SBI branch.

Via SBI’s Mobile Application

To access the SBI Quick mobile application, SBI cardholders must use their registered mobile phone. They can block the card, by entering the last four digits of their stolen/lost card.

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