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SBI’s Pehla Kadam & Pehli Udaan Account; A Beneficial Savings Account for Your Child

SBI has started a savings account scheme for children by the name Pehla Kadam & Pehli Udaan. Under this, online account opening facility is also available.

Sangeeta Soni
Pehla Kadam & Pehli Udaan Account
Pehla Kadam & Pehli Udaan Account

State Bank of India (SBI) has taken an important step for the welfare of children in the country. SBI has started a savings account scheme for children known as Pehla Kadam & Pehli Udaan. 

Under this, online account opening facility is also available. After opening the children’s account, the bank also issues an ATM-cum-debit card with a photo of the child. This card will be issued in the name of minor and guardian.  

About Pehla Kadam Account 

Under this scheme, a joint account of parents and minor children can be opened. Parents can also operate this account. This account is for children under 10 years of age.  

In this bank account, children will be given all the facilities like internet banking, mobile banking, ATM card, check-book facility. Bill payment, Top-up, Daily transaction limit has been fixed to 2000 rupees. 

About Pehli Udaan Account 

This account can be operated by the only one on whose name the account has been opened. It is necessary to do KYC (Know your customer) to open an account. Pehli Udaan account is for children elder than the age of 10 years, who can do signature uniformly.  

For Bill payment, Top-up, IMPS, daily transaction limit of 2000 rupees has been fixed.  

How Much You Can Deposit? 

Under these schemes, you can keep a balance of up to 10 lakh rupees. It is not allowed to keep more money than this limit.  

ATM cum Debit Card Facility 

ATM cum Debit Card facility is being provided in both Pehla Kadam and Pehli Udaan accounts. Photo of the child will be there on card and can be issued in the name of child and parent.  The interest on these accounts is same as the 4% savings account.  

Documents Required 

The birth certificate of the child will be required, and the Aadhar card accompanied by parents’ signature. Along with this, it is necessary for the parents to have KYC Aadhar and PAN card.

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