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Top Most Profitable Business Ideas for Start-ups

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
wood cow dung
Cow Dung

If you want to start your own business and are not able to do due to less capital, then today, we have brought a great business idea for you. This is a profitable business in which competition is very less and its demand is very high. The interesting thing about this business is that it has more profit in less cost. In the first month of starting this business, you will can easily earn Rs 10,000 and in the sixth month up to 50,000 per month. You can start this new start-up with just Rs 50,000.

Profitable Business of Cow Dung Wood

First put cow dung, dried straw and grass in the machine with which this cow dung wood will be prepared. It will be sold more than Rs 600 per quintal from natural wood. The timber made of this dung is also used in brick kilns. Over time, the demand for these woods is increasing in the markets of the country. Thus, it is a profitable business.

cow dung
cow dung

What is the cost of the machine?

The price of this machine is between Rs 42,000 and 1 lakh. By this, you can easily make wood from cow dung even while sitting at home. With the help of this machine, you will be able to easily prepare 1 kg of wood in 15 seconds. Pollution can also be controlled through this new technology. This machine is playing an important role in making cowsheds self-sufficient.

Where to sell these sticks?

Dung wood is in great demand from the country and also abroad. In places, where snow falls throughout the year, this wood is used to keep the house warm. Besides this, our Indians settled in foreign countries use these woods for pooja recitation or else, you can also sell these woods online or you can supply it to companies that are doing business online.

They are now also being used on brick kilns. It is also considered good to use items made of cow dung to make the environment favorable. Therefore, dung cakes or wood made of cow dung are mostly used for havans, funerals, yagna etc. and with this, the use of this machine will provide many means of good employment for the youth in times to come.

In this business, you can easily earn a good income sitting at home by doing business of many products like idols, soap, face packs and medicine etc. made from cow dung.

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