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Tractor Operated Road Disinfection Spray System

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

The CSIR-CMERI Road Sanitizer Unit is a tractor-mounted Road Sanitizing System. The Road Sanitizer has a span of 16 feet, which uses 10 to 15 bars of pressure to ensure effective delivery of the sanitizer. 12 nozzles are used to ensure optimum radial coverage of sanitizer. The system utilizes a 2000-5000 litre tank with a pump of 22 LMP which can be used to sanitize a road stretch of upto 60-100 kms.  

This Road Sanitization unit can be effectively deployed in long stretches of highways, vicinity of toll plazas etc, where there is a massive volume of traffic and good chance of infection spreading. It can also be deployed in Housing Complexes, Office Complexes, Sports Arenas, Apartment buildings etc. This product will ensure maximum sanitisation coverage within minimum possible time, which is the need of the hour. There is also an in-built provision of two extendable hand spraying systems with a reach of 30 feet on both sides of the Vehicle. This provision can be used to reach remote nook and corners on any given site.  

Asansol Municipal Corporation after Inspection of the Unit has placed an order for four such systems, of which one has already been delivered.  CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur, delivered the 2nd of the four placed orders of the Tractor Driven Disinfection Spray Unit to Asansol Municipal Corporation on 12th April 2020. The Unit was also used to Comprehensively disinfect the areas of Big Bazar, DMC Entrance gate, Junction Mall, Health world Hospital, Entrance gate and peripheral area of Durgapur Steel Plant of Durgapur.  

On this occasion Prof. Dr. Harish Hirani, Director,  CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur,  stated that the Tractor Driven Disinfection Spray Unit is equipped with technology to ensure comprehensive Disinfection of a particular area and its extendable hand held operability will also ensure that the effect of the disinfectant reaches the inaccessible nooks and corners of a given site. Maximum coverage of Disinfection is the need of the hour in the country.  

Prof Herani also added that Durgapur Municipal Corporation has also expressed interest for the Unit and procedural negotiations are under progress. Some MSMEs and Small Business Clusters have also expressed interest for the Unit and interactions are underway for the same. 

 The Technical Configuration of the Unit are as follows: 

  • Pump Spray Capacity:  30 Litre/min

  • Line Pressure: 10-15 bars

  • Tank Capacity:  2000-5000 liters

  • No of Nozzles: 6 Nos at the rear end and 3 on each side (Left and Right)

  • Road Width Coverage:   16 feet on each run

  • Road Speed during Spray: 5-10 km/hr

  • Spray Mixture :   Water and Sodium Hypochlorite Solution-6%

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