Walnut Propagation Centre at Srinagar Inaugurated


Walnuts are popularly known as Akhroot or Akhrot. J & K is the major production state of India. Walnut is one of the temperate nut fruits and belongs to the family of `Juglandaceae`. The walnuts are also used in the medicines and is popular dry fruit. The Central Institute of Temperate Horticulture (CITH) at Srinagar is working on the R&D for the benefit of the farmers growing walnuts. To propagate a centre was recently opened in the Institute itself.

Dr Trilochan Mohapatra, Secretary (DARE) & Director General (ICAR), inaugurated   Walnut Propagation Centre at ICAR-Central Institute of Temperate Horticulture (CITH), Srinagar on 10 June 2018. The centre has the production capacity of 15, 000 walnut plants under polyhouse conditions.


Dr T. Mohapatra suggested the scientists to work on breeding of apple with respect to scab resistance and emphasize on development of varieties with potential to resist the changing climatic conditions, and publish results on time. He also discussed about the improvement and large scale commercialization of proven technologies developed by the institute.

Dr. Mohapatra also visited laboratories, technology centre, rootstock bank and different experimental orchards of the institute. 

Shri Chhabilendra Roul, Special Secretary (DARE) & Secretary (ICAR) Dr. Anand Kumar Singh, DDG, Horticulture & Crop Sciences, ICAR, Dr. Joykrushna Jena, DDG (Fisheries Science) and other dignitaries from ICAR were also present. 

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